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I have a WCF service and I want to intercept the method CreateOrder whenever it is called :

public interface IOrderService
    void CreateOrder(string orderXML);

public class OrderService : IOrderService
    public void CreateOrder(string orderXML)
        // ...

CreateOrderCallHandlerAttribute inherits from ICallHandler.

So, I have used the method described in this post : http://weblogs.asp.net/fabio/archive/2009/03/24/inversion-of-control-with-wcf-and-unity.aspx

I use the configuration file to configure dependency injection for types the service depends on. and as soon as the unity container returns after loading the config file, I add the following code to it :

        UnityConfigurationSection configuration = (UnityConfigurationSection)ConfigurationManager.GetSection("unity");
        Container.Configure<Interception>().SetInterceptorFor<IOrderService>(new TransparentProxyInterceptor());

but the intercepting code is still not called whenever the method is called. what am I missing ?

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Set the interceptor on the implementation instead of the interface being mapped. Try:

Container.Configure<Interception>().SetInterceptorFor<OrderService>(new TransparentProxyInterceptor());
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