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I've been struggling with Gettext now for ages and just can't get it to work. I would be forever grateful if someone could help me with this... I have looked for solutions and tried several variants but nothing is working for me.

I have created the following file structure:

/var/www/battlestox/battlestox.com/sites/battlestox/www/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGE/messages.po /var/www/battlestox/battlestox.com/sites/battlestox/www/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGE/messages.mo

the data in the .po file is simply:

msgid ""

msgstr ""

"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"

"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

msgid "qwerty"

msgstr "The Translator works!"

The php file hase the following code:

setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, 'de_DE.UTF-8');
bindtextdomain('messages', 'locale');
bind_textdomain_codeset('messages', 'UTF-8');

echo gettext("qwerty");
echo _("qwerty");

output: qwertyqwerty - so no translation happening. when I echo bindtextdomain('messages', 'locale'); I get:


so I believe it's pointing to the correct location..

I have checked that gettext is installed in php and locales on the server are available..

:locale -a






I'm running PHP 5.2, Apache 2.2.3, CentOS

Please be gentle, I am very basic on linux..

Thanks for any help!

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PS I've obviously compiled the .po file to make it the corresponding mo file.. – IanM Nov 1 '11 at 15:56
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I think that your .mo directory should be /var/www/..blah../locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES That's LC_MESSAGES, plural.

Also as John says, your locale name doesn't look quite right.

If you change the .mo file you need to restart apache. Have you done this?

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AHHH! You're a genius.. Changing the name to LC_MESSAGES and restarting Apache sorted it! Thank you so much - I've literally been bashing my head on the desk for days over this! – IanM Nov 3 '11 at 11:00

Try using the exact locale name reported by locale -a. e.g. setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, 'de_DE.utf8');

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putenv("LANG=de_DE.utf8"); setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, 'de_DE.utf8'); tried changing to the above but no joy... – IanM Nov 1 '11 at 21:53

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