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I am trying to draw a panel in my windows form application but it always appear on the top right corner of the application when i start the application.

How do I specify the points or what is the code to specify the points of whereby the panel appear at my desired spot of my Windows Form Application.

Here is a small sample code of my flowlayoutpanel

var nFlowPanel = new FlowLayoutPanel 
            Dock = DockStyle.Fill, 
            FlowDirection = FlowDirection.TopDown,
            WrapContents = false,
            AutoScroll = true



and this is the code for my panel

var p = new Panel 


p.Controls.Add(new Button { Text = "Test" });

return p;

as this will always appear on the top right corner of my application.

How do i write the code to specify the exact location of where i want it to be?

Another question is also how do i set the location of the button within the panel to appear in?

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Ironically, to set the Location of a control, you use the Location property.

var p = new Panel();
p.Location = new Point(100, 100);

and for the button:

p.Controls.Add(new Button { Text = "Test", Location = new Point(32, 32)});

If you are asking to place the controls in an exact location inside the FlowLayoutPanel, well, then you don't want to use a FlowLayoutPanel.

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Thanks for the reply. What I am referring is how do i shift the position of my flowlayoutpanel to another part of my application. i understood the part for the location of the panel but as i use nFlowPanel.Location = new Point(500,500); , it still starts up at the top right corner of my application. – Thomas Nov 2 '11 at 2:48
edit: manage to solved it. thanks! – Thomas Nov 2 '11 at 3:32

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