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I have some Hibernate entities that I want to group by paramType and display the parameter type. Here is the controller.getAnalyticsCount() method:

public List<Analytic> getAnalyticCount() {
    Criteria criteria = currentSession().createCriteria(Analytic.class);
    return criteria.setProjection( Projections.projectionList()
                                       .add( Projections.rowCount())
                                       .add( Projections.groupProperty("paramType")).list();

Now, in displaying in JSF, the following works, but prints each objects:

<ui:repeat var="foo" value="#{controller.getAnalyticsCount()}">

How do I print the actual counts? Isn't the other fields of the grouped by object available to me? I have also tried .add( Projections.rowCount(),'counts') and #{foo.counts}`. The documentation seems to be very light in this respect.

PS: Actually, the return type is possibly the reason, but what exactly is the return type in this case, it is no longer of type List<Analytic> I guess.

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Show us the code of the method getAnalyticsCount. – JB Nizet Nov 1 '11 at 16:16
OK, I have added the method's return line and type. I suspect the problem is in the return type then. Actually it is longer than this, I have some further criteria added, but I believe those lines are irrelevant. – ustun Nov 1 '11 at 16:48
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This criteria query won't return instances of Analytic. It will return a list of Object[]. Each Object[] in the list contains 2 elements:

  1. the count, as an Integer or a Long (it has changed recently. I cast to Number and ask its int value to be safe.
  2. the paramType

You should of course create a list of bean instances from this lits of Object[], and use these beans in your view.

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