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How would I go on doing this?

.tns is used by TI-Nspire (math-software) created by Texas Instruments.

If any libraries exist it would be awesome. Otherwise, how would I go on doing this preferably only with the standard Java library? Any hints?

Thanks, Mike.

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The file format seems to a zip container, containing xml-files.

If you would like to implement an InputStream for the format you might implement it as an extension of a FilterInputStream. Deconstructing the zip file can be done by a ZipInputStream.

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Steps 4 & 5 on the accepted answer of Extracting the serialized data from unknown files might be helpful.

Not aware of libraries for this myself, though they may exist. There are a lot of TI users and hackers out there. You might also try to contact the people connected to this TI-Nspire video - they are part of the TI hacking community, and if you can figure out where they hang out online you'll be halfway there.

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It contains packed XML files which can be converted to ZIP and accessed properly


See : Compressing and Decompressing Data Using Java

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