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Is there a keystroke to add double quotes around a selection in xcode?

I have snippets @"<#string#>" (qt) and @"<#string#>"<#, #> (qtc)(for making a list in array I use keystroke qtc+enter word tab enter qt+enter...) that I use when I am typing, but I also could use some sort of a macro that I could highlight the word, tap a keystroke, and it would add @"" around it. It seems a little easier. Once you enter the first qtc then you just need qt enter to get the next one from the code popup.

Is there a macro that would put the quotes around the current word the cursor is on? I have seen something like this in TextMate.

This would be a little convenience that would be nice when I am adding a list of words to an array or something and putting the quotes around all the words.

Maybe a little javascript to put in a webpage that would loop though and put the quotes each word in a list would be useful. Or better yet an applescript or some sort of macro that could be used in xcode that would loop through words in a selection and add @"", around each word that could be triggered with a keystroke. Then you could just type a list and select it and tap a keystroke and you just saved a ton of typing.

I found this applescript that replaces text webpage:


If you use that you can use applescript with a list separated by commas copied to the clipboad:

set theText to the clipboard

set theReplacedText to replaceText(", ", "\", @\"", theText)

return theReplacedText

then copy the results to the clipboard and paste them where you want. I'm not sure how to get it to activate with a keystroke and replace the selected text a little more neatly.

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Is it not the same as in other languages like so NSString *string = @"Some text here /"Here is the text/" ";


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