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I am trying to record audio from a microphone/iSight camera from Mac to a NSData object. I have tried to do it using QTKit, but I found out that you could only save it as a .mov file.

But the fact is that I want to recode the audio into a FLAC file. Is that posible, or I'll need to use another framework?.


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Grab the source for VLC (if you can deal w/GPL -- it has limitations on use that many find onerous) and have a read. It does transcoding, amongst other things.

Beyond that, one dead simple approach is to save as AIFF and then use a command line tool (via NSTask) to do the conversion.

Or you could just go with Apple Lossless -- it is open source these days.

Of course, this also begs the question; why do you need lossless compression when recording voice [low bandwidth in the first place] via a relatively sub-par microphone?

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