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How do you add an event listener when a FLVPlayback starts? Something like below:

my_player.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, completePlay);
my_player.addEventListener(VideoEvent.START, startPlay);

function completePlay(e:VideoEvent):void {;


function startPlay(e:VideoEvent):void {



What I am trying to do is load a still image when the movie completes but when the user starts the video over I want to remove the still image if it is present.

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Your VideoEvent.COMPLETE event should be sufficient for knowing when it ends.

For the whole starting thing I would recommend the following:

my_player.addEventListener(VideoEvent.STATE_CHANGE, stateChanged);

function stateChanged( e:VideoEvent) : void {
    if ( e.state == VideoState.PLAYING ) {

//Additional states that may be useful:

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