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For making Repository, when i'm specifying the revision number of dependencies: i can define it by dynamic revision as:


eg (in build.xml):

<ivy:install settingsRef="basic.settings" 
 module="spring-beans" revision="[1.0,)"
from="${from.resolver}" to="${to.resolver}" 

It there a way where i can fetch ONLY the latest jar and not all from 1.0 onward?

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That does fetch only the latest jar. I ran your snippet, and it only downloaded 3.0.6 (and dependencies, of course).

Incidentally, you might find it cleaner to write:

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Try the following:

<ivy:install  organisation="org.springframework" module="spring-beans" revision="latest.integration" overwrite="TRUE" from="${from.resolver}" to="${to.resolver}" transitive="true"/>
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