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I have a website where I want to basically allow people to display several youtube videos onto the same page.

For example, I have a friend who has 3 different videos. Instead of sending a link to the three videos individually, they would go to my site see the 3 search boxes, search for the videos individually (the search is done on youtube), then they can pick the videos and click "done", at which point, the 3 videos would be embedded on their page.

I'm trying to figure out how to approach this in ruby on rails, but I'm not finding much information on how.

Here's a link from 2009 of a guy who's saying that he can actually do the search and retrieve from youtube:

But I don't know how to do the search & retrieve, and I don't know how to do the embed. I think I can figure out the embed, but what's the best way to do the search/display results?

Thanks a lot for your help stackoverflow, you're my only hope (besides google, but google failed me today).

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all you need to know about the search feature is described in YouTube Data Api. You will need your app to communicate with this API. The best thing to do may be to look after a gem specialized in this ; there is a list available in another StackOverflow question.

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