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Any idea what could be causing this? It seems like a IE ?9? problem. Basically, I'm using the XFBML facebook like button. And while I've been testing with it, I've noticed that if I "like something" and then write a comment in the like button popup that appears, the post appears on my facebook wall twice. It appears once looking like I just clicked "like" and didn't add a comment, then it appears again with the comment.

Any ideas as to how to fix this? I don't want IE users not liking my content out of fear that they will spam their facebook wall.

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To be honest it actually makes sense that it would add one as like and the other as comment because it is divided up just like that!

To delve a little deeper, does this action vary between browsers, if so 1.) how and 2.) can you provide an example for us to see?

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