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I have developed a magento extesnions that allow customers to upload their products to my stores and my problem now is : How to configure Magento to add attributes to products (i want to add another attributes like price ,sku ,...etc ) ? For example color , phone number , e-mail so that my customers can add their own data , and o can manage it through my admin interface .

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It sounds like you'd have to create new Attributes Sets for your customers/uploaders to work with.

A good thing in general is to use different attributes sets depending on the type of products you're dealing with; but in your case you could as well store and display customer data (in that case the uploader of the product?) in attributes, attached to a new Attribute Set that gathers everything you need.

You can basically customize the whole backend for products via Attributes Sets. You'll find them in the Catalog > Attributes menu. Should be the easiest way to go. Then you can match your extension to work with those.

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