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I would like to get the device manufacturer and model names programmatically with C# / .net compact framework, in a windows mobile phone.

For instance: I would like to know, in my program, if a device is a "Samsung some_model_name" or an "HTC yet_another_model_name", or if code is running in emulator. Is that possible?


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Try using SystemParametersInfoString method from coredll.dll.

    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(256);

    if (SystemParametersInfoString(SPI_GETPLATFORMTYPE, sb.Capacity, sb, 0) != 0)
        String name = sb.ToString();        
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just changed SPI_GETPLATFORMTYPE to SPI_GETOEMINFO, but thanks for the answer! – Leandro Gomide Nov 3 '11 at 12:57

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