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I want to change the ugly displayTag (tableid) parameter from d-bunchofnumbers-p to a URL friendly one. I also want to change the sort and page parameters as well.

Is it trivial to do this?
If so, how? Is it as simple as setting the following properties?

<display:setProperty name="pagination.pagenumber.param" value="page"/> 
<display:setProperty name="pagination.sort.param" value="sort"/> 
<display:setProperty name="pagination.sortdirection.param" value="dir"/> 

The URL should look like this:


I've tried this but, it's not working. Thanks!

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I faced the same problem. After binding the grid with an implementation displaytag´s PaginatedList the parameters started looking more friendly.

Have a look at this post to understand what I´m talking about.

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