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mle[data_] := ArgMin[
              {-LogLikelihood[twoState[a, b, 60, 0.2], data],  
               Element[{a, b}, Reals] && a > 0 && b > 0}, 
              {a, b}]

ParallelMap[mle, {BG6, BG3, DC5}]

I'm executing the mle function in parallel over independent datasets using ParallelMap. I'd like to see the output as each parallel evaluation finishes. I looked at the documentation for Monitor, but its not clear to me how to use it here. It looks I need to a vector to hold the results using something like:


And then append the output of mle to params inside a call to Monitor, but I don't know the syntax to do this.

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If you just want to view the result when it is ready, you can print it before returning.

mle[data_] := Module[{result},
    result = ArgMin[
          {-LogLikelihood[twoState[a, b, 60, 0.2], data],  
           Element[{a, b}, Reals] && a > 0 && b > 0}, 
          {a, b}];

You can replace the call to Print if you want to do something more complicated, like calling Monitor.

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