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Ok, so I have several sections to a webpage that I am making.

There's a fieldset at the top, and then beneath that I have two forms, one standard, on the left, and another form that I am trying to make go on the right.

Underneath that, there SHOULD be a table.

Instead, when I put a div around the second form and give it the float: right property, the second form goes to the right of the table.

How do I keep it on the right side of the screen, but ABOVE the table in question?

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Maybe some image or code can help. –  Aurelio De Rosa Nov 1 '11 at 18:08
jsfiddle would be good, you can edit css and html in it or a link to a demo page –  Dave Nov 1 '11 at 18:10

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Wrap both forms into a DIV, and then have each form in its own div. Then, have the form you want to float right be ABOVE the other in the markup.

<div id='container'>
  <div id='divForm2' style="float:right;">
     <form id='form2' >
  <div id='divForm1' >
     <form id='form1' >


Basically, an element floats to the right of the element that it preceds.

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Be sure to clear your floats.]

  <form1 float: left; />
  <form2 float: right; />
  <br style="clear: both;" />
  <table />
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