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I have a button with a jquery code that clears all data from a from.

<button id="reset">Reset</button>

The jQuery code looks something like this:

...LOTS and lots of more code...

ALSO, separete from button...I have an ajax/php, where if successful, I want it to call the $("#reset").click() function.
-I do not want to copy and paste the code.

How can I call that function?
This did not work:


Here is a "dummy sample" of my ajax, just show what I want to do:

   $.post( "ajax.php" ,

      if( msg == 1 )
      { //Successful

      ...more code...

      } //end: if
      { ...else code...} //end: if.else
      }//end: $.post.function
   ); //END:$.post
}); //END:ajax
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You can use .trigger() to trigger an event:

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Calling $('#reset').click(); "should" work. Are you calling the click before attaching the click event handler? Or maybe you are attaching the event handler to the element before it exists on the page?

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Simply calling click() should work. If not, then look at trigger

On a more general note - why would you not use form's standard reset method?

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