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I am interested in returning back a few metrics from insights but i am having difficulty getting results from FQL.

I need to get back the following. page impressions/likes/shares posts impressions/likes/share/comments

For post impressions

fql?q=SELECT metric, value FROM insights WHERE object_id=#### AND metric='post_impressions_unique' AND end_time=end_time_date('2011-10-30') AND period=period('lifetime') 

For page impressions

fql?q=SELECT metric, value FROM insights WHERE object_id=#### AND metric='page_impressions' AND end_time=end_time_date('2011-10-30') AND period=period('lifetime') 

i get back empty data sets:

  "data": [

What am i doing wrong?

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please let me know if i can provide further information to help diagnose this issue –  Jason Ragsdale Nov 1 '11 at 18:34

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I had the same problem at first. According to the documentation, 'page_impressions' and 'page_impressions_unique' can only take the periods of 'day', 'week', and 'days_28'. If that doesn't fix the problem, try changing to a different end date (which was my problem).

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How was the date the issue? What did you have to change it to for the period you were looking for? –  Jason Ragsdale Nov 3 '11 at 17:13

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