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I am reading a select form value and multiplying it by 50 in jquery. I need to add a value of 1 to the qty that is returned by the select menu every time before multiplying by 50. How would I do that? The offending code looks like this.

 $('#selectform').val() *50);

If I use

 $('#selectform').val() +1 *50);

The result is not correct.

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Parentheses should be used.

 ($('#selectform').val()*1 + 1) *50;

Your current expression is interpreted as:

 var something = $('#selectform').val();
 var another   = 1 * 50;
 var result    = something + another

The *1 after .val() is used to convert the string value to a number. If it's omitted, the expression will be interpreted as:

var something = $('#selectform').val() + "1";  //String operation
var result    = something * 50;    // something is converted to a number, and
                                   //    multiplied by 50
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Correct parentheses and use parseInt function -

(parseInt($('#selectform').val(),10) +1) *50;
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The data from $('#selectform').val() is probably being treated as a string.
Use parseInt($('#selectform').val()) to convert it to an int before the multiply.

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This is the correct answer to this question – Chris James Champeau Jul 13 at 23:39

You need to force the addition to happen before the multiplication with parentheses:

bar myVal = ($("#selectform").val() + 1) * 50;
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You should have a look at the operator precedence in JavaScript.

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In math as well :) – Shomz Nov 1 '11 at 19:56

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