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I am not getting why the colon shifted left in the second time

>>> print '%5s' %':'
>>> print '%5s' %':' '%2s' %':'
 : :

Help me out of this please

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In Python, juxtaposed strings are concatenated:

>>> t = 'a' 'bcd'
>>> t

So in your second example, it is equivalent to:

>>> print '%5s' % ':%2s' % ':'

which by the precedence rules for Python's % operator, is:

>>> print ('%5s' % ':%2s') % ':'


>>> print ' :%2s' % ':'
 : :
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But you left off the punchline: the original statement probably needed a "," to prevent this from happening. – S.Lott Apr 28 '09 at 10:49
@S.Lott: and that would add the soft space :) – SilentGhost Apr 28 '09 at 10:52
Or, instead of inserting a comma and adding a soft space you can insert a "+" between the first colon and the "%2s" and get the probably intended result of (in words because I don't expect this to come our correct any other way) [four spaces][colon][one space][colon]. – David Locke Apr 28 '09 at 23:17

What are you trying to do?

>>> print '%5s' % ':'
>>> print '%5s%2s' % (':', ':')
    : :

You could achieve what you want by mixing them both into a single string formatting expression.

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