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I'm using Struts and I don't what was changed recently in my app that I get TONS of freemarker logs:

DEBUG   13201   [freemark] (): template/simple/hidden.ftl[en,UTF-8,parsed] cached copy not yet stale; using cached.

How can I turn off these annoying logs? I know of the freemarker.properties file but I don't find how to specify log levels from there. I tried the hack in my code:


and for some people it doesn't work. I'm not using log4j, just standard java logging.

By the way: I'm not planning to change the Struts version or the logging framework.

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Look where you configure java.util.logging (or commons logging maybe). If the logger says that it logs debug-level messages from FreeMaker, FreeMarker will send debug-level messages. This is just like with any other library.

Disabling FreeMarker logging is certainly not a good idea, as you want to see the warnings and errors. (The reasons LIBRARY_NONE doesn't work is certainly that you call it too late, when some messages was already logged, and thus FreeMarker logging was already initialized.)

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I configure java.util.logging in the JRE logging.properties file itself, it doesn't log things below INFO by default. Anyway, some people is still seeing the logs, some are not. I think it logs something before the LIBRARY_NONE just in some systems –  German Nov 3 '11 at 18:18
If you have Log4j 1.x in your classpath, FreeMarker will use that, not java.util.logging, so logging.properties won't mater. If setting the org.freemarker.loggerLibrary system property to JUL fixes the issue (requires FreeMarker 2.3.22), then the issue is clearly that: you need to configure Log4j too. Or better yet, migrate to SLF4J if you can... if FreeMarker 2.3.22 finds log4j-over-slf4j in the classpath, it will use SLF4J instead of anything else. –  ddekany Feb 28 at 23:27

If you are on Weblogic you can disable the debug messages with a LogFilter as described here: http://blog.technogemsinc.com/2012/09/weblogic-disabling-freemark-debug.html.

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