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My div is scrollable, using overflow: auto. But it shows a nasty scrollbar that doesn't match the style of my dialog, how do I either apply CSS to the scroll bar to attempt to fix it, or just remove it altogether?


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Check out jScrollPane – Clive Nov 1 '11 at 19:12
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Please, don't reinvent the wheel! Scrollbars are there to make it easy for the user to scroll the page/content. Browser developers have taken care of all the necessary event handling, for instance, mouse wheel, page up/down, arrow up/down etc. If you program your own scrollbar, you have to take care of that, too. It won't be easy. And what you get in the end is a scrollbar that looks like like your page but not like my browser window.

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A few options:

  • Make you own with some javascript magic
  • Use overflow: hidden
  • Hire someone to do it for you ^_^
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Some browsers allow you to style the scrollbars. For instance, in Webkit-based browsers you can use the pseudo-elements. See this blog for more info. IE used to support changing the scroll bar color, but it no longer does.

If you want the same look in all browsers, I think your best bet is using some javascript UI component.

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