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i wanna rewrite my app to fragment api, TabHost is deprecated so i've found ViewPager, but how can i make a tabbar like android market? (android market use viewpager and a bar). Superuser 3 use this bar too

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Take a look at this guide:

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Thank you this is exactly what i need :) – alvinmeimoun Nov 1 '11 at 21:12

The technique is called "Swipey Tabs" and is described by Kirill Grouchnikov, a google user interface engineer, in this blog post.

Andreas Stütz has done a project to replicate the functionality called android-viewpagertabs. Other people have had a go too.

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i think you looking for the viewflipper class

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I'm unsure about Honeycomb, but in Ice Cream Sandwhich it happens automaticly when adding enough tabs to the actionbar.

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The guy who created ActionBarSherlock as a project for this type of functionality, called ViewPageIndicator. Here's the URL:

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