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I have two branches in mercurial A and B, both of them have file but I don't want to merge those files when I merge A and B. How to ignore only and auto merge everything else?

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I don't believe there's a way to simply "ignore" the changes to a file when merging. What you can do is pick which version of (either the version from branch A or B) you want to go into the merge changeset and use that.

Since hg merge leaves the changes caused by merging two branches in your working copy, to give you a chance to fix up conflicts, etc, you can revert in the working copy before you commit to whichever version you'd like to keep. Here's an example:

$ hg update A   # switch to branch A
$ hg merge B    # merge w/ branch B
$ hg status
M some_other_file
# reset to version from either branch A or B.  
# Let's pick A since that was our original parent.
$ hg revert -r A
$ hg commit

Note that hg merge B might produce conflicts in, so if you use hg revert -r A you'd also need to mark the conflict as being resolved with hg resolve -m

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