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I need to pass in a string that gets evaluated at runtime. So I can write this:

var foo =  someEvalMethod ( "dataObject.someValue" )

instead of:

if ( argIn == "dataObject.someValue")
   var foo = dataObject.someValue

Does anyone have an opinion on the following evaluate libraries, or better ones for AS3? Thanks:

AS3 eval by hurlant:

D.eval by RIA 1:

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If all you need is access to properties and objects you don't necessarily need to complicate things with eval. Can you be a bit more specific about what you need and don't need? – grapefrukt Nov 1 '11 at 21:49
Ahh shucks... D.eval's site is down :( – bigp Sep 10 '13 at 21:23
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As far as I know AS3 eval by hurlant is a "real" compiler. It parses code, generates bytecode and injects it to the Flash Player instance in use (through loadBytes() I guess).

D.eval has the same purpose but it does not generate bytecode, it parses expressions and execute them dynamically through its own API.

I see D.eval as a good candidate for what you are trying to achieve. It's not a full featured compiler, but it has enough APIs that cover many simple operations. Other than that it is a product that has a company behind, which is always a good guaranty.


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