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So I am doing some memory analysis on a windows memory image and I am looking at threads spawned by processes.

the tool I am using is volatility.

So I was checking the threads spawned by an explorer process. my question is, does a thread always have to have 1) owned process and 2) attached process.

I caught an explorer thread that has an Owned process: Explorer.exe but the Attached Process does not have a name. The process with no name has an associated address in memory.

Is this normal for a thread to have an attached process with no name? Also what is the subtle difference between an owned process and attached process?

Thanks for looking.

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An AttachedProcess search finds "threads that are currently executing in the context of a process other than the process which owns the thread" (from

This article will explain this for you:

There is an entire section on attached processes and their implications in memory analysis.

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