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In my rails 3 app, I wanted to know/count the instance variables instantiated in controller action, helper methods in view or in ruby-debug.

The way I attempted is put a <% debugger %> in the view, reload the page and in the console:

(rdb:25) p controller.instance_variables
[:@action_has_layout, :@view_context_class, :@_headers, :@_status, :@_response, :@_request,
 :@_env, :@lookup_context, :@_action_name, :@_response_body, :@tenant, :@_config,
  :@current_user, :@current_account, :@_params, :@station, :@form, :@line, :@enabled_steps, 
  :@stations, :@raw, :@form_to_render, :@locals_hash]

I am pretty sure its not listing all the instance vars defined in my helper methods. And whats that :@_... kinda variable name? How can I access those vars?

(rdb:25) p controller.locals_hash
NoMethodError Exception: undefined method `locals_hash' for #<FormsController:0x00000108533cd0>
(rdb:25) p locals_hash
NameError Exception: undefined local variable or method `locals_hash' for #<#<Class:0x00000100c5ef08>:0x000001081fd0e8>
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I don't know if this list variables from helper. I'd say those are attached to the view and you can grab them using:


From a debugger statement in the view.

the @_ vars are generally private or without accessors that's why you can't access them easily. But remember Ruby doesn't forbid anything and treats you as a responsible developer so:

  • for instance variables without accessors: p controller.instance_variable_get(:@_headers)
  • for private methods: use the send method
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Not a direct answer to your question, but Pry gem may be very helpful in your debugging endeavours. It allows to easily "go into" the objects using its cd and ls commands (and many more).

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