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I'd like to know what to name my folder for different languages. Where can I find the supported list of languages on Android?

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i was looking for the same thing right now, +1 for saving my time :) – Optimus Nov 1 '11 at 21:23
Can you move the answer to your question to an answer to this post, and mark it as the selected answer? For others who have the same question, it will help for them to be able to see that there's a selected answer :) (BTW, it's totally fine to answer your own question). – Alexander Lucas Nov 1 '11 at 21:50
Yes, please edit this so you are asking a question in the question area like "What locales does Andriod support, and from what version did it support them? Does a list exist?", then provide the information as an answer. This would probably be handy to link to in the Tag Wiki. I'm making this CW so others can help turn it into a proper question, thanks for sharing :) – Tim Post Nov 2 '11 at 2:28
This needs to be updated for 3.0-4.1 – hunterp Oct 4 '12 at 20:08
If you installed the Extras in Android SDK Manager, then after installation, go to the \android-sdk\extras\android\support\v7\appcompat\res directory to see a list of locale [directories] supported by Android. Also, check this link. – ChuongPham Mar 26 '14 at 11:16
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As of Android 5.0, all languages in BCP 47 are available for application development (they may not necessarily be available for selection in a given device's system settings, though). When using ISO 639-1 codes, the resource folder has the format values-xx... where xx is the ISO-639-1 code.

When using BCP 47 tags, the resource folder is named values-b+xxx... where xxx is the three-letter language code.

Here's the list for before Android 2.3 (Source)

Language / Locale                 Supported since version

English, US (en_US)               1.1
German, Germany (de_DE)           1.1
Chinese, PRC (zh_CN)              1.5
Chinese, Taiwan (zh_TW)           1.5
Czech, Czech Republic (cs_CZ)     1.5
Dutch, Belgium (nl_BE)            1.5
Dutch, Netherlands (nl_NL)        1.5
English, Australia (en_AU)        1.5
English, Britain (en_GB)          1.5
English, Canada (en_CA)           1.5
English, New Zealand (en_NZ)      1.5
English, Singapore(en_SG)         1.5
French, Belgium (fr_BE)           1.5
French, Canada (fr_CA)            1.5
French, France (fr_FR)            1.5
French, Switzerland (fr_CH)       1.5
German, Austria (de_AT)           1.5
German, Liechtenstein (de_LI)     1.5
German, Switzerland (de_CH)       1.5
Italian, Italy (it_IT)            1.5
Italian, Switzerland (it_CH)      1.5
Japanese (ja_JP)                  1.5
Korean (ko_KR)                    1.5
Polish (pl_PL)                    1.5
Russian (ru_RU)                   1.5
Spanish (es_ES)                   1.5
Arabic, Egypt (ar_EG)             2.3
Arabic, Israel (ar_IL)            2.3
Bulgarian, Bulgaria (bg_BG)       2.3
Catalan, Spain (ca_ES)            2.3
Croatian, Croatia (hr_HR)         2.3
Danish, Denmark(da_DK)            2.3
English, India (en_IN)            2.3
English, Ireland (en_IE)          2.3
English, Zimbabwe (en_ZA)         2.3
Finnish, Finland (fi_FI)          2.3
Greek, Greece (el_GR)             2.3
Hebrew, Israel (iw_IL)*           2.3
Hindi, India (hi_IN)              2.3
Hungarian, Hungary (hu_HU)        2.3
Indonesian, Indonesia (in_ID)*    2.3
Latvian, Latvia (lv_LV)           2.3
Lithuanian, Lithuania (lt_LT)     2.3
Norwegian-Bokmol, Norway(nb_NO)   2.3
Portuguese, Brazil (pt_BR)        2.3
Portuguese, Portugal (pt_PT)      2.3
Romanian, Romania (ro_RO)         2.3
Serbian (sr_RS)                   2.3
Slovak, Slovakia (sk_SK)          2.3
Slovenian, Slovenia (sl_SI)       2.3
Spanish, US (es_US)               2.3
Swedish, Sweden (sv_SE)           2.3
Tagalog, Philippines (tl_PH)      2.3
Thai, Thailand (th_TH)            2.3
Turkish, Turkey (tr_TR)           2.3
Ukrainian, Ukraine (uk_UA)        2.3
Vietnamese, Vietnam (vi_VN)       2.3
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Source link appears to be dead – Thorbear Jul 5 '13 at 11:27
Is there any list, like that on developer.android.com? – UnknownJoe Nov 18 '13 at 7:17
The correct format for Android resource folder is not e.g. values-pt_PT but values-pt-rPT. Replace "_" by "-r". I had compilation error and finally looked at Android 4.0.1 source code to see the correct folder name. – petrsyn Jan 15 '14 at 23:46
Can anyone give me the same list for iOS – KDOSHI Jan 19 at 10:23

The best way to see the supported list is to start up the emulator in the latest version and open the "Custom Locale" app. This will list all of the supported languages and locales for that version of Android.

Custom Locale App

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Update for 4.0

Android 4.0.3 Platform

Arabic, Egypt (ar_EG)
Arabic, Israel (ar_IL)
Bulgarian, Bulgaria (bg_BG)
Catalan, Spain (ca_ES)
Chinese, PRC (zh_CN)
Chinese, Taiwan (zh_TW)
Croatian, Croatia (hr_HR)
Czech, Czech Republic (cs_CZ)
Danish, Denmark(da_DK)
Dutch, Belgium (nl_BE)
Dutch, Netherlands (nl_NL)
English, Australia (en_AU)
English, Britain (en_GB)
English, Canada (en_CA)
English, India (en_IN)
English, Ireland (en_IE)
English, New Zealand (en_NZ)
English, Singapore(en_SG)
English, South Africa (en_ZA)
English, US (en_US)
Finnish, Finland (fi_FI)
French, Belgium (fr_BE)
French, Canada (fr_CA)
French, France (fr_FR)
French, Switzerland (fr_CH)
German, Austria (de_AT)
German, Germany (de_DE)
German, Liechtenstein (de_LI)
German, Switzerland (de_CH)
Greek, Greece (el_GR)
Hebrew, Israel (he_IL)
Hindi, India (hi_IN)
Hungarian, Hungary (hu_HU)
Indonesian, Indonesia (id_ID)
Italian, Italy (it_IT)
Italian, Switzerland (it_CH)
Japanese (ja_JP)
Korean (ko_KR)
Latvian, Latvia (lv_LV)
Lithuanian, Lithuania (lt_LT)
Norwegian bokmål, Norway (nb_NO)
Polish (pl_PL)
Portuguese, Brazil (pt_BR)
Portuguese, Portugal (pt_PT)
Romanian, Romania (ro_RO)
Russian (ru_RU)
Serbian (sr_RS)
Slovak, Slovakia (sk_SK)
Slovenian, Slovenia (sl_SI)
Spanish (es_ES)
Spanish, US (es_US)
Swedish, Sweden (sv_SE)
Tagalog, Philippines (tl_PH)
Thai, Thailand (th_TH)
Turkish, Turkey (tr_TR)
Ukrainian, Ukraine (uk_UA)
Vietnamese, Vietnam (vi_VN)

SOURCE: http://us.dinodirect.com/Forum/Latest-Posts-5/Android-Versions-and-their-Locales-1-86587/

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values-pt_PT gives a compilation error :( – AlikElzin-kilaka Feb 14 '13 at 15:07
values-zh-rTW, on the other hand, compiles and works correctly :) – AlikElzin-kilaka Feb 14 '13 at 15:09
the format is: xx-rXX. You need to place the 'r'. – user1923613 Sep 1 '13 at 4:25
Isn't Hebrew's code "iw" ? – android developer Mar 29 '14 at 18:50
@androiddeveloper yes, Java uses iw, a deprecated code. Same with Yiddish (uses "ji" instead of "yi") and Indonesian (uses "in" instead of "id") (Source: wilsonmar.com/android_localization.htm#Localez) – Jose_GD Jun 16 '14 at 21:44

List of locales supported as of API 22 (Android 5.1). Obtained from a Nexus 5 with locale set to "English (United States)" (locale affects the DisplayName output).

for (Locale locale : Locale.getAvailableLocales()) {
    Log.d("LOCALES", locale.getLanguage() + "_" + locale.getCountry() + " [" + locale.getDisplayName() + "]");

    af_ [Afrikaans]
    af_NA [Afrikaans (Namibia)]
    af_ZA [Afrikaans (South Africa)]
    agq_ [Aghem]
    agq_CM [Aghem (Cameroon)]
    ak_ [Akan]
    ak_GH [Akan (Ghana)]
    am_ [Amharic]
    am_ET [Amharic (Ethiopia)]
    ar_ [Arabic]
    ar_001 [Arabic (World)]
    ar_AE [Arabic (United Arab Emirates)]
    ar_BH [Arabic (Bahrain)]
    ar_DJ [Arabic (Djibouti)]
    ar_DZ [Arabic (Algeria)]
    ar_EG [Arabic (Egypt)]
    ar_EH [Arabic (Western Sahara)]
    ar_ER [Arabic (Eritrea)]
    ar_IL [Arabic (Israel)]
    ar_IQ [Arabic (Iraq)]
    ar_JO [Arabic (Jordan)]
    ar_KM [Arabic (Comoros)]
    ar_KW [Arabic (Kuwait)]
    ar_LB [Arabic (Lebanon)]
    ar_LY [Arabic (Libya)]
    ar_MA [Arabic (Morocco)]
    ar_MR [Arabic (Mauritania)]
    ar_OM [Arabic (Oman)]
    ar_PS [Arabic (Palestine)]
    ar_QA [Arabic (Qatar)]
    ar_SA [Arabic (Saudi Arabia)]
    ar_SD [Arabic (Sudan)]
    ar_SO [Arabic (Somalia)]
    ar_SS [Arabic (South Sudan)]
    ar_SY [Arabic (Syria)]
    ar_TD [Arabic (Chad)]
    ar_TN [Arabic (Tunisia)]
    ar_YE [Arabic (Yemen)]
    as_ [Assamese]
    as_IN [Assamese (India)]
    asa_ [Asu]
    asa_TZ [Asu (Tanzania)]
    az_ [Azerbaijani]
    az_ [Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)]
    az_AZ [Azerbaijani (Cyrillic,Azerbaijan)]
    az_ [Azerbaijani (Latin)]
    az_AZ [Azerbaijani (Latin,Azerbaijan)]
    bas_ [Basaa]
    bas_CM [Basaa (Cameroon)]
    be_ [Belarusian]
    be_BY [Belarusian (Belarus)]
    bem_ [Bemba]
    bem_ZM [Bemba (Zambia)]
    bez_ [Bena]
    bez_TZ [Bena (Tanzania)]
    bg_ [Bulgarian]
    bg_BG [Bulgarian (Bulgaria)]
    bm_ [Bambara]
    bm_ML [Bambara (Mali)]
    bn_ [Bengali]
    bn_BD [Bengali (Bangladesh)]
    bn_IN [Bengali (India)]
    bo_ [Tibetan]
    bo_CN [Tibetan (China)]
    bo_IN [Tibetan (India)]
    br_ [Breton]
    br_FR [Breton (France)]
    brx_ [Bodo]
    brx_IN [Bodo (India)]
    bs_ [Bosnian]
    bs_ [Bosnian (Cyrillic)]
    bs_BA [Bosnian (Cyrillic,Bosnia and Herzegovina)]
    bs_ [Bosnian (Latin)]
    bs_BA [Bosnian (Latin,Bosnia and Herzegovina)]
    ca_ [Catalan]
    ca_AD [Catalan (Andorra)]
    ca_ES [Catalan (Spain)]
    ca_FR [Catalan (France)]
    ca_IT [Catalan (Italy)]
    cgg_ [Chiga]
    cgg_UG [Chiga (Uganda)]
    chr_ [Cherokee]
    chr_US [Cherokee (United States)]
    cs_ [Czech]
    cs_CZ [Czech (Czech Republic)]
    cy_ [Welsh]
    cy_GB [Welsh (United Kingdom)]
    da_ [Danish]
    da_DK [Danish (Denmark)]
    da_GL [Danish (Greenland)]
    dav_ [Taita]
    dav_KE [Taita (Kenya)]
    de_ [German]
    de_AT [German (Austria)]
    de_BE [German (Belgium)]
    de_CH [German (Switzerland)]
    de_DE [German (Germany)]
    de_LI [German (Liechtenstein)]
    de_LU [German (Luxembourg)]
    dje_ [Zarma]
    dje_NE [Zarma (Niger)]
    dua_ [Duala]
    dua_CM [Duala (Cameroon)]
    dyo_ [Jola-Fonyi]
    dyo_SN [Jola-Fonyi (Senegal)]
    dz_ [Dzongkha]
    dz_BT [Dzongkha (Bhutan)]
    ebu_ [Embu]
    ebu_KE [Embu (Kenya)]
    ee_ [Ewe]
    ee_GH [Ewe (Ghana)]
    ee_TG [Ewe (Togo)]
    el_ [Greek]
    el_CY [Greek (Cyprus)]
    el_GR [Greek (Greece)]
    en_ [English]
    en_001 [English (World)]
    en_150 [English (Europe)]
    en_AG [English (Antigua and Barbuda)]
    en_AI [English (Anguilla)]
    en_AS [English (American Samoa)]
    en_AU [English (Australia)]
    en_BB [English (Barbados)]
    en_BE [English (Belgium)]
    en_BM [English (Bermuda)]
    en_BS [English (Bahamas)]
    en_BW [English (Botswana)]
    en_BZ [English (Belize)]
    en_CA [English (Canada)]
    en_CC [English (Cocos (Keeling) Islands)]
    en_CK [English (Cook Islands)]
    en_CM [English (Cameroon)]
    en_CX [English (Christmas Island)]
    en_DG [English (Diego Garcia)]
    en_DM [English (Dominica)]
    en_ER [English (Eritrea)]
    en_FJ [English (Fiji)]
    en_FK [English (Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas))]
    en_FM [English (Micronesia)]
    en_GB [English (United Kingdom)]
    en_GD [English (Grenada)]
    en_GG [English (Guernsey)]
    en_GH [English (Ghana)]
    en_GI [English (Gibraltar)]
    en_GM [English (Gambia)]
    en_GU [English (Guam)]
    en_GY [English (Guyana)]
    en_HK [English (Hong Kong)]
    en_IE [English (Ireland)]
    en_IM [English (Isle of Man)]
    en_IN [English (India)]
    en_IO [English (British Indian Ocean Territory)]
    en_JE [English (Jersey)]
    en_JM [English (Jamaica)]
    en_KE [English (Kenya)]
    en_KI [English (Kiribati)]
    en_KN [English (Saint Kitts and Nevis)]
    en_KY [English (Cayman Islands)]
    en_LC [English (Saint Lucia)]
    en_LR [English (Liberia)]
    en_LS [English (Lesotho)]
    en_MG [English (Madagascar)]
    en_MH [English (Marshall Islands)]
    en_MO [English (Macau)]
    en_MP [English (Northern Mariana Islands)]
    en_MS [English (Montserrat)]
    en_MT [English (Malta)]
    en_MU [English (Mauritius)]
    en_MW [English (Malawi)]
    en_NA [English (Namibia)]
    en_NF [English (Norfolk Island)]
    en_NG [English (Nigeria)]
    en_NR [English (Nauru)]
    en_NU [English (Niue)]
    en_NZ [English (New Zealand)]
    en_PG [English (Papua New Guinea)]
    en_PH [English (Philippines)]
    en_PK [English (Pakistan)]
    en_PN [English (Pitcairn Islands)]
    en_PR [English (Puerto Rico)]
    en_PW [English (Palau)]
    en_RW [English (Rwanda)]
    en_SB [English (Solomon Islands)]
    en_SC [English (Seychelles)]
    en_SD [English (Sudan)]
    en_SG [English (Singapore)]
    en_SH [English (Saint Helena)]
    en_SL [English (Sierra Leone)]
    en_SS [English (South Sudan)]
    en_SX [English (Sint Maarten)]
    en_SZ [English (Swaziland)]
    en_TC [English (Turks and Caicos Islands)]
    en_TK [English (Tokelau)]
    en_TO [English (Tonga)]
    en_TT [English (Trinidad and Tobago)]
    en_TV [English (Tuvalu)]
    en_TZ [English (Tanzania)]
    en_UG [English (Uganda)]
    en_UM [English (U.S. Outlying Islands)]
    en_US [English (United States)]
    en_US [English (United States,Computer)]
    en_VC [English (St. Vincent & Grenadines)]
    en_VG [English (British Virgin Islands)]
    en_VI [English (U.S. Virgin Islands)]
    en_VU [English (Vanuatu)]
    en_WS [English (Samoa)]
    en_ZA [English (South Africa)]
    en_ZM [English (Zambia)]
    en_ZW [English (Zimbabwe)]
    eo_ [Esperanto]
    es_ [Spanish]
    es_419 [Spanish (Latin America)]
    es_AR [Spanish (Argentina)]
    es_BO [Spanish (Bolivia)]
    es_CL [Spanish (Chile)]
    es_CO [Spanish (Colombia)]
    es_CR [Spanish (Costa Rica)]
    es_CU [Spanish (Cuba)]
    es_DO [Spanish (Dominican Republic)]
    es_EA [Spanish (Ceuta and Melilla)]
    es_EC [Spanish (Ecuador)]
    es_ES [Spanish (Spain)]
    es_GQ [Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)]
    es_GT [Spanish (Guatemala)]
    es_HN [Spanish (Honduras)]
    es_IC [Spanish (Canary Islands)]
    es_MX [Spanish (Mexico)]
    es_NI [Spanish (Nicaragua)]
    es_PA [Spanish (Panama)]
    es_PE [Spanish (Peru)]
    es_PH [Spanish (Philippines)]
    es_PR [Spanish (Puerto Rico)]
    es_PY [Spanish (Paraguay)]
    es_SV [Spanish (El Salvador)]
    es_US [Spanish (United States)]
    es_UY [Spanish (Uruguay)]
    es_VE [Spanish (Venezuela)]
    et_ [Estonian]
    et_EE [Estonian (Estonia)]
    eu_ [Basque]
    eu_ES [Basque (Spain)]
    ewo_ [Ewondo]
    ewo_CM [Ewondo (Cameroon)]
    fa_ [Persian]
    fa_AF [Persian (Afghanistan)]
    fa_IR [Persian (Iran)]
    ff_ [Fulah]
    ff_SN [Fulah (Senegal)]
    fi_ [Finnish]
    fi_FI [Finnish (Finland)]
    fil_ [Filipino]
    fil_PH [Filipino (Philippines)]
    fo_ [Faroese]
    fo_FO [Faroese (Faroe Islands)]
    fr_ [French]
    fr_BE [French (Belgium)]
    fr_BF [French (Burkina Faso)]
    fr_BI [French (Burundi)]
    fr_BJ [French (Benin)]
    fr_BL [French (Saint Barthélemy)]
    fr_CA [French (Canada)]
    fr_CD [French (Congo (DRC))]
    fr_CF [French (Central African Republic)]
    fr_CG [French (Congo (Republic))]
    fr_CH [French (Switzerland)]
    fr_CI [French (Côte d’Ivoire)]
    fr_CM [French (Cameroon)]
    fr_DJ [French (Djibouti)]
    fr_DZ [French (Algeria)]
    fr_FR [French (France)]
    fr_GA [French (Gabon)]
    fr_GF [French (French Guiana)]
    fr_GN [French (Guinea)]
    fr_GP [French (Guadeloupe)]
    fr_GQ [French (Equatorial Guinea)]
    fr_HT [French (Haiti)]
    fr_KM [French (Comoros)]
    fr_LU [French (Luxembourg)]
    fr_MA [French (Morocco)]
    fr_MC [French (Monaco)]
    fr_MF [French (Saint Martin)]
    fr_MG [French (Madagascar)]
    fr_ML [French (Mali)]
    fr_MQ [French (Martinique)]
    fr_MR [French (Mauritania)]
    fr_MU [French (Mauritius)]
    fr_NC [French (New Caledonia)]
    fr_NE [French (Niger)]
    fr_PF [French (French Polynesia)]
    fr_PM [French (Saint Pierre and Miquelon)]
    fr_RE [French (Réunion)]
    fr_RW [French (Rwanda)]
    fr_SC [French (Seychelles)]
    fr_SN [French (Senegal)]
    fr_SY [French (Syria)]
    fr_TD [French (Chad)]
    fr_TG [French (Togo)]
    fr_TN [French (Tunisia)]
    fr_VU [French (Vanuatu)]
    fr_WF [French (Wallis and Futuna)]
    fr_YT [French (Mayotte)]
    ga_ [Irish]
    ga_IE [Irish (Ireland)]
    gl_ [Galician]
    gl_ES [Galician (Spain)]
    gsw_ [Swiss German]
    gsw_CH [Swiss German (Switzerland)]
    gsw_LI [Swiss German (Liechtenstein)]
    gu_ [Gujarati]
    gu_IN [Gujarati (India)]
    guz_ [Gusii]
    guz_KE [Gusii (Kenya)]
    gv_ [Manx]
    gv_IM [Manx (Isle of Man)]
    ha_ [Hausa]
    ha_ [Hausa (Latin)]
    ha_GH [Hausa (Latin,Ghana)]
    ha_NE [Hausa (Latin,Niger)]
    ha_NG [Hausa (Latin,Nigeria)]
    haw_ [Hawaiian]
    haw_US [Hawaiian (United States)]
    iw_ [Hebrew]
    iw_IL [Hebrew (Israel)]
    hi_ [Hindi]
    hi_IN [Hindi (India)]
    hr_ [Croatian]
    hr_BA [Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)]
    hr_HR [Croatian (Croatia)]
    hu_ [Hungarian]
    hu_HU [Hungarian (Hungary)]
    hy_ [Armenian]
    hy_AM [Armenian (Armenia)]
    in_ [Indonesian]
    in_ID [Indonesian (Indonesia)]
    ig_ [Igbo]
    ig_NG [Igbo (Nigeria)]
    ii_ [Sichuan Yi]
    ii_CN [Sichuan Yi (China)]
    is_ [Icelandic]
    is_IS [Icelandic (Iceland)]
    it_ [Italian]
    it_CH [Italian (Switzerland)]
    it_IT [Italian (Italy)]
    it_SM [Italian (San Marino)]
    ja_ [Japanese]
    ja_JP [Japanese (Japan)]
    jgo_ [Ngomba]
    jgo_CM [Ngomba (Cameroon)]
    jmc_ [Machame]
    jmc_TZ [Machame (Tanzania)]
    ka_ [Georgian]
    ka_GE [Georgian (Georgia)]
    kab_ [Kabyle]
    kab_DZ [Kabyle (Algeria)]
    kam_ [Kamba]
    kam_KE [Kamba (Kenya)]
    kde_ [Makonde]
    kde_TZ [Makonde (Tanzania)]
    kea_ [Kabuverdianu]
    kea_CV [Kabuverdianu (Cape Verde)]
    khq_ [Koyra Chiini]
    khq_ML [Koyra Chiini (Mali)]
    ki_ [Kikuyu]
    ki_KE [Kikuyu (Kenya)]
    kk_ [Kazakh]
    kk_ [Kazakh (Cyrillic)]
    kk_KZ [Kazakh (Cyrillic,Kazakhstan)]
    kkj_ [Kako]
    kkj_CM [Kako (Cameroon)]
    kl_ [Kalaallisut]
    kl_GL [Kalaallisut (Greenland)]
    kln_ [Kalenjin]
    kln_KE [Kalenjin (Kenya)]
    km_ [Khmer]
    km_KH [Khmer (Cambodia)]
    kn_ [Kannada]
    kn_IN [Kannada (India)]
    ko_ [Korean]
    ko_KP [Korean (North Korea)]
    ko_KR [Korean (South Korea)]
    kok_ [Konkani]
    kok_IN [Konkani (India)]
    ks_ [Kashmiri]
    ks_ [Kashmiri (Arabic)]
    ks_IN [Kashmiri (Arabic,India)]
    ksb_ [Shambala]
    ksb_TZ [Shambala (Tanzania)]
    ksf_ [Bafia]
    ksf_CM [Bafia (Cameroon)]
    kw_ [Cornish]
    kw_GB [Cornish (United Kingdom)]
    ky_ [Kyrgyz]
    ky_ [Kyrgyz (Cyrillic)]
    ky_KG [Kyrgyz (Cyrillic,Kyrgyzstan)]
    lag_ [Langi]
    lag_TZ [Langi (Tanzania)]
    lg_ [Ganda]
    lg_UG [Ganda (Uganda)]
    lkt_ [Lakota]
    lkt_US [Lakota (United States)]
    ln_ [Lingala]
    ln_AO [Lingala (Angola)]
    ln_CD [Lingala (Congo (DRC))]
    ln_CF [Lingala (Central African Republic)]
    ln_CG [Lingala (Congo (Republic))]
    lo_ [Lao]
    lo_LA [Lao (Laos)]
    lt_ [Lithuanian]
    lt_LT [Lithuanian (Lithuania)]
    lu_ [Luba-Katanga]
    lu_CD [Luba-Katanga (Congo (DRC))]
    luo_ [Luo]
    luo_KE [Luo (Kenya)]
    luy_ [Luyia]
    luy_KE [Luyia (Kenya)]
    lv_ [Latvian]
    lv_LV [Latvian (Latvia)]
    mas_ [Masai]
    mas_KE [Masai (Kenya)]
    mas_TZ [Masai (Tanzania)]
    mer_ [Meru]
    mer_KE [Meru (Kenya)]
    mfe_ [Morisyen]
    mfe_MU [Morisyen (Mauritius)]
    mg_ [Malagasy]
    mg_MG [Malagasy (Madagascar)]
    mgh_ [Makhuwa-Meetto]
    mgh_MZ [Makhuwa-Meetto (Mozambique)]
    mgo_ [Meta']
    mgo_CM [Meta' (Cameroon)]
    mk_ [Macedonian]
    mk_MK [Macedonian (Macedonia (FYROM))]
    ml_ [Malayalam]
    ml_IN [Malayalam (India)]
    mn_ [Mongolian]
    mn_ [Mongolian (Cyrillic)]
    mn_MN [Mongolian (Cyrillic,Mongolia)]
    mr_ [Marathi]
    mr_IN [Marathi (India)]
    ms_ [Malay]
    ms_ [Malay (Latin)]
    ms_BN [Malay (Latin,Brunei)]
    ms_MY [Malay (Latin,Malaysia)]
    ms_SG [Malay (Latin,Singapore)]
    mt_ [Maltese]
    mt_MT [Maltese (Malta)]
    mua_ [Mundang]
    mua_CM [Mundang (Cameroon)]
    my_ [Burmese]
    my_MM [Burmese (Myanmar (Burma))]
    naq_ [Nama]
    naq_NA [Nama (Namibia)]
    nb_ [Norwegian Bokmål]
    nb_NO [Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)]
    nb_SJ [Norwegian Bokmål (Svalbard and Jan Mayen)]
    nd_ [North Ndebele]
    nd_ZW [North Ndebele (Zimbabwe)]
    ne_ [Nepali]
    ne_IN [Nepali (India)]
    ne_NP [Nepali (Nepal)]
    nl_ [Dutch]
    nl_AW [Dutch (Aruba)]
    nl_BE [Dutch (Belgium)]
    nl_BQ [Dutch (Caribbean Netherlands)]
    nl_CW [Dutch (Curaçao)]
    nl_NL [Dutch (Netherlands)]
    nl_SR [Dutch (Suriname)]
    nl_SX [Dutch (Sint Maarten)]
    nmg_ [Kwasio]
    nmg_CM [Kwasio (Cameroon)]
    nn_ [Norwegian Nynorsk]
    nn_NO [Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway)]
    nnh_ [Ngiemboon]
    nnh_CM [Ngiemboon (Cameroon)]
    nus_ [Nuer]
    nus_SD [Nuer (Sudan)]
    nyn_ [Nyankole]
    nyn_UG [Nyankole (Uganda)]
    om_ [Oromo]
    om_ET [Oromo (Ethiopia)]
    om_KE [Oromo (Kenya)]
    or_ [Oriya]
    or_IN [Oriya (India)]
    pa_ [Punjabi]
    pa_ [Punjabi (Arabic)]
    pa_PK [Punjabi (Arabic,Pakistan)]
    pa_ [Punjabi (Gurmukhi)]
    pa_IN [Punjabi (Gurmukhi,India)]
    pl_ [Polish]
    pl_PL [Polish (Poland)]
    ps_ [Pashto]
    ps_AF [Pashto (Afghanistan)]
    pt_ [Portuguese]
    pt_AO [Portuguese (Angola)]
    pt_BR [Portuguese (Brazil)]
    pt_CV [Portuguese (Cape Verde)]
    pt_GW [Portuguese (Guinea-Bissau)]
    pt_MO [Portuguese (Macau)]
    pt_MZ [Portuguese (Mozambique)]
    pt_PT [Portuguese (Portugal)]
    pt_ST [Portuguese (São Tomé and Príncipe)]
    pt_TL [Portuguese (Timor-Leste)]
    rm_ [Romansh]
    rm_CH [Romansh (Switzerland)]
    rn_ [Rundi]
    rn_BI [Rundi (Burundi)]
    ro_ [Romanian]
    ro_MD [Romanian (Moldova)]
    ro_RO [Romanian (Romania)]
    rof_ [Rombo]
    rof_TZ [Rombo (Tanzania)]
    ru_ [Russian]
    ru_BY [Russian (Belarus)]
    ru_KG [Russian (Kyrgyzstan)]
    ru_KZ [Russian (Kazakhstan)]
    ru_MD [Russian (Moldova)]
    ru_RU [Russian (Russia)]
    ru_UA [Russian (Ukraine)]
    rw_ [Kinyarwanda]
    rw_RW [Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)]
    rwk_ [Rwa]
    rwk_TZ [Rwa (Tanzania)]
    saq_ [Samburu]
    saq_KE [Samburu (Kenya)]
    sbp_ [Sangu]
    sbp_TZ [Sangu (Tanzania)]
    seh_ [Sena]
    seh_MZ [Sena (Mozambique)]
    ses_ [Koyraboro Senni]
    ses_ML [Koyraboro Senni (Mali)]
    sg_ [Sango]
    sg_CF [Sango (Central African Republic)]
    shi_ [Tachelhit]
    shi_ [Tachelhit (Latin)]
    shi_MA [Tachelhit (Latin,Morocco)]
    shi_ [Tachelhit (Tifinagh)]
    shi_MA [Tachelhit (Tifinagh,Morocco)]
    si_ [Sinhala]
    si_LK [Sinhala (Sri Lanka)]
    sk_ [Slovak]
    sk_SK [Slovak (Slovakia)]
    sl_ [Slovenian]
    sl_SI [Slovenian (Slovenia)]
    sn_ [Shona]
    sn_ZW [Shona (Zimbabwe)]
    so_ [Somali]
    so_DJ [Somali (Djibouti)]
    so_ET [Somali (Ethiopia)]
    so_KE [Somali (Kenya)]
    so_SO [Somali (Somalia)]
    sq_ [Albanian]
    sq_AL [Albanian (Albania)]
    sq_MK [Albanian (Macedonia (FYROM))]
    sq_XK [Albanian (Kosovo)]
    sr_ [Serbian]
    sr_ [Serbian (Cyrillic)]
    sr_BA [Serbian (Cyrillic,Bosnia and Herzegovina)]
    sr_ME [Serbian (Cyrillic,Montenegro)]
    sr_RS [Serbian (Cyrillic,Serbia)]
    sr_XK [Serbian (Cyrillic,Kosovo)]
    sr_ [Serbian (Latin)]
    sr_BA [Serbian (Latin,Bosnia and Herzegovina)]
    sr_ME [Serbian (Latin,Montenegro)]
    sr_RS [Serbian (Latin,Serbia)]
    sr_XK [Serbian (Latin,Kosovo)]
    sv_ [Swedish]
    sv_AX [Swedish (Åland Islands)]
    sv_FI [Swedish (Finland)]
    sv_SE [Swedish (Sweden)]
    sw_ [Swahili]
    sw_KE [Swahili (Kenya)]
    sw_TZ [Swahili (Tanzania)]
    sw_UG [Swahili (Uganda)]
    swc_ [Congo Swahili]
    swc_CD [Congo Swahili (Congo (DRC))]
    ta_ [Tamil]
    ta_IN [Tamil (India)]
    ta_LK [Tamil (Sri Lanka)]
    ta_MY [Tamil (Malaysia)]
    ta_SG [Tamil (Singapore)]
    te_ [Telugu]
    te_IN [Telugu (India)]
    teo_ [Teso]
    teo_KE [Teso (Kenya)]
    teo_UG [Teso (Uganda)]
    th_ [Thai]
    th_TH [Thai (Thailand)]
    ti_ [Tigrinya]
    ti_ER [Tigrinya (Eritrea)]
    ti_ET [Tigrinya (Ethiopia)]
    to_ [Tongan]
    to_TO [Tongan (Tonga)]
    tr_ [Turkish]
    tr_CY [Turkish (Cyprus)]
    tr_TR [Turkish (Turkey)]
    twq_ [Tasawaq]
    twq_NE [Tasawaq (Niger)]
    tzm_ [Central Atlas Tamazight]
    tzm_ [Central Atlas Tamazight (Latin)]
    tzm_MA [Central Atlas Tamazight (Latin,Morocco)]
    ug_ [Uyghur]
    ug_ [Uyghur (Arabic)]
    ug_CN [Uyghur (Arabic,China)]
    uk_ [Ukrainian]
    uk_UA [Ukrainian (Ukraine)]
    ur_ [Urdu]
    ur_IN [Urdu (India)]
    ur_PK [Urdu (Pakistan)]
    uz_ [Uzbek]
    uz_ [Uzbek (Arabic)]
    uz_AF [Uzbek (Arabic,Afghanistan)]
    uz_ [Uzbek (Cyrillic)]
    uz_UZ [Uzbek (Cyrillic,Uzbekistan)]
    uz_ [Uzbek (Latin)]
    uz_UZ [Uzbek (Latin,Uzbekistan)]
    vai_ [Vai]
    vai_ [Vai (Latin)]
    vai_LR [Vai (Latin,Liberia)]
    vai_ [Vai (Vai)]
    vai_LR [Vai (Vai,Liberia)]
    vi_ [Vietnamese]
    vi_VN [Vietnamese (Vietnam)]
    vun_ [Vunjo]
    vun_TZ [Vunjo (Tanzania)]
    xog_ [Soga]
    xog_UG [Soga (Uganda)]
    yav_ [Yangben]
    yav_CM [Yangben (Cameroon)]
    yo_ [Yoruba]
    yo_BJ [Yoruba (Benin)]
    yo_NG [Yoruba (Nigeria)]
    zgh_ [Standard Moroccan Tamazight]
    zgh_MA [Standard Moroccan Tamazight (Morocco)]
    zh_ [Chinese]
    zh_ [Chinese (Simplified Han)]
    zh_CN [Chinese (Simplified Han,China)]
    zh_HK [Chinese (Simplified Han,Hong Kong)]
    zh_MO [Chinese (Simplified Han,Macau)]
    zh_SG [Chinese (Simplified Han,Singapore)]
    zh_ [Chinese (Traditional Han)]
    zh_HK [Chinese (Traditional Han,Hong Kong)]
    zh_MO [Chinese (Traditional Han,Macau)]
    zh_TW [Chinese (Traditional Han,Taiwan)]
    zu_ [Zulu]
    zu_ZA [Zulu (South Africa)]
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Thank you so much for this post android 5.1 update! 1 upvote! – Jerad Jul 4 at 20:19

First we need to plan how the application will render differently in different locals. Here it shows example, where the text string and images have to go.

de-rDE German / Germany res/values-de/ res/drawable-de-rDE/ 
fr-rFR French / France res/values-fr/ res/drawable-fr-rFR/ 
fr-rCA French / Canada res/values-fr/ res/drawable-fr-rCA/ 
en-rCA English / Canada (res/values/) res/drawable-en-rCA/ 
ja-rJP Japanese / Japan res/values-ja/ res/drawable-ja-rJP/ 
en-rUS English / United States (res/values/) res/drawable-en-rUS/ 

For more info you can see the page Localization

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I think the best way is to run a sample code to find the supported locales. I've made a code snippet that does it:

final Locale[] availableLocales=Locale.getAvailableLocales();
for(final Locale locale : availableLocales)

the columns are : displayName (how it looks to the user), the locale, the variant, and the folder that the developer is supposed to put the strings into.

Here's a table I've made out of the 5.0.1 emulator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Hx1CTPT82qFSbzuWiU1nyGROCNM6HKssKCPhxinvdww/

Weird thing is that for some cases, I got "#" which is something I've never seen before. It's probably quite new, and the rule I've chosen is probably incorrect for those cases (though it still compiles fine when I put such folders and files), but for the rest it should be fine.

If anyone knows about what the "#" is, and how to handle it, please let me know.

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See CLDR for specific language support.

Ex : CLDR 1.8 for 2.3



Afar [Qafar];
Albanian [shqipe];
Amharic [አማርኛ];
Arabic [‎العربية‎];
Armenian [Հայերէն];
Assamese [অসমীয়া];
Asu [Kipare];
Atsam [cch];
Azerbaijani (Arabic) [azərbaycanca (ərəb)];
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) [Азәрбајҹан (kiril)];
Azerbaijani (Latin) [azərbaycanca (latın)];
Bambara [bamanakan];
Basque [euskara];
Belarusian [беларуская];
Bemba [Ichibemba];
Bena [Hibena];
Bengali [বাংলা];
Blin [ብሊን];
Bosnian [Bosanski];
Breton [br];
Bulgarian [български];
Burmese [ဗမာ];
Catalan [català];
Central Morocco Tamazight (Latin) [Tamaziɣt (Latn)];
Cherokee [ᏣᎳᎩ];
Chiga [Rukiga];
Colognian [ksh];
Cornish [kernewek];
Croatian [hrvatski];
Czech [čeština];
Danish [dansk];
Divehi [‎ދިވެހިބަސް‎];
Dutch [Nederlands];
Dzongkha [རྫོང་ཁ];
Embu [Kĩembu];
English (Deseret) [𐐀𐑍𐑊𐐮𐑇 (𐐔𐐯𐑆𐐲𐑉𐐯𐐻)];
English (Shavian);
Estonian [eesti];
Ewe [Eʋegbe];
Faroese [føroyskt];
Finnish [suomi];
French [français];
Friulian [furlan];
Fulah [Pulaar];
Ga [gaa];
Galician [galego];
Ganda [Luganda];
Geez [ግዕዝኛ];
Georgian [ქართული];
German [Deutsch];
Greek [Ελληνικά];
Gujarati [ગુજરાતી];
Gusii [Ekegusii];
Hausa (Arabic) [Hausa (Arab)];
Hausa (Latin) [Hausa (Latn)];
Hawaiian [ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi];
Hebrew [‎עברית‎];
Hindi [हिन्दी];
Hungarian [magyar];
Icelandic [íslenska];
Indonesian [Bahasa Indonesia];
Inuktitut [ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᑎᑎᕋᐅᓯᖅ];
Irish [Gaeilge];
Italian [italiano];
Japanese [日本語];
Jju [kaj];
Kabyle [Taqbaylit];
Kamba [Kikamba];
Kannada [ಕನ್ನಡ];
Kazakh (Cyrillic) [Қазақ (Cyrl)];
Khmer [ភាសាខ្មែរ];
Kikuyu [Gikuyu];
Kirghiz [Кыргыз];
Konkani [कोंकणी];
Korean [한국어];
Koro [kfo];
Koyra Chiini [Koyra ciini];
Koyraboro Senni;
Kpelle [kpe];
Kurdish (Arabic) [‎كوردی (عەرەبی)‎];
Kurdish (Latin) [‎kurdî (لاتین)‎];
Langi [Kɨlaangi];
Lao [ລາວ];
Latvian [latviešu];
Lingala [lingála];
Lithuanian [lietuvių];
Low German [Plattdüütsch];
Luo [Dholuo];
Luyia [Luluhia];
Macedonian [македонски];
Machame [Kimachame];
Makonde [Chimakonde];
Malay [Bahasa Melayu];
Malayalam [മലയാളം];
Maltese [Malti];
Manx [Gaelg];
Maori [mi];
Marathi [मराठी];
Masai [Maa];
Meru [Kĩmĩrũ];
Mongolian (Cyrillic) [монгол (Cyrl)];
Mongolian (Mongolian) [монгол (Mong)];
Morisyen [kreol morisien];
Nama [Khoekhoegowab];
Nepali [नेपाली];
North Ndebele [isiNdebele];
Northern Sami [davvisámegiella];
Northern Sotho [Sesotho sa Leboa];
Norwegian [norsk];
Norwegian Bokmål [norsk bokmål];
Norwegian Nynorsk [nynorsk];
Nyanja [ny];
Nyankole [Runyankore];
Oriya [ଓଡ଼ିଆ];
Oromo [Oromoo];
Pashto [‎پښتو‎];
Persian [‎فارسی‎];
Polish [polski];
Portuguese [português];
Punjabi (Arabic) [‎پنجاب (العربية)‎];
Punjabi (Gurmukhi) [ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ)];
Romanian [română];
Romansh [rumantsch];
Rombo [Kihorombo];
Russian [русский];
Rwa [Kiruwa];
Saho [ssy];
Samburu [Kisampur];
Sango [Sängö];
Sanskrit [संस्कृत भाषा];
Serbian (Cyrillic) [Српски (Ћирилица)];
Serbian (Latin) [Srpski (Latinica)];
Shambala [Kishambaa];
Shona [chiShona];
Sichuan Yi [ꆈꌠꉙ];
Sidamo [Sidaamu Afo];
Simplified Chinese [中文(简体)];
Sinhala [සිංහල];
Slovak [slovenčina];
Slovenian [slovenščina];
Soga [Olusoga];
Somali [Soomaali];
South Ndebele [isiNdebele];
Southern Sotho [Sesotho];
Spanish [español];
Swahili [Kenya];
Swati [Siswati];
Swedish [svenska];
Swiss German [Schwiizertüütsch];
Syriac [‎ܣܘܪܝܝܐ‎];
Tachelhit (Latin) [tamazight (Latn)];
Tachelhit (Tifinagh) [ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ (Tfng)];
Taita [Kitaita];
Tajik (Cyrillic) [tg (Cyrl)];
Tamil [தமிழ்];
Taroko [trv];
Tatar [Татар];
Telugu [తెలుగు];
Teso [Kiteso];
Thai [ไทย];
Tibetan [པོད་སྐད་];
Tigre [ትግረ];
Tigrinya [ትግርኛ];
Tonga [lea fakatonga];
Traditional Chinese [繁體中文];
Tsonga [Xitsonga];
Tswana [Setswana];
Turkish [Türkçe];
Tyap [kcg];
Uighur (Arabic) [ug (Arab)];
Ukrainian [українська];
Urdu [‎اردو‎];
Uzbek (Arabic) [‎اۉزبېک (Араб)‎];
Uzbek (Cyrillic) [Ўзбек (Кирил)];
Uzbek (Latin) [o'zbekcha (Lotin)];
Venda [Tshivenḓa];
Vietnamese [Tiếng Việt];
Vunjo [Kyivunjo];
Walamo [ወላይታቱ];
Welsh [Cymraeg];
Wolof (Latin) [wo (Latn)];
Xhosa [isiXhosa];
Yoruba [Èdè Yorùbá];
Zulu [isiZulu]

Locale IDs can be found in:


Steps to follow

Step 1 : Need to find which all Languages supported on Android

Sol - follow my above answer ie in cldr-1-8 Languages.

Step 2 : Since cldr-1-8 Languages does not give u Locale short form which is need to be found for desire language Sol - Once language is available in cldr-1-8 Languages list then check for the shortform in http://www.localeplanet.com/icu/ link

Example :For language Hindi [हिन्दी] (1)we need to search its present in cldr-1-8 language then (2)search for Hindi in http://www.localeplanet.com/icu/ for Locale id its comes out to be http://www.localeplanet.com/icu/hi/index.html this link and see Locale id from it .

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How do you see the most recent list? And where is the locale short name (like "en" for English) in this list? – android developer Mar 29 '14 at 18:48
localeplanet.com/icu this is list of locale short form – Happy Vicky Apr 1 '14 at 14:01
so when you get to this website, how do you know if it has "cldr-1-8" language listing? and what does it mean " it definitely gone support" ? did you mean that it "has support" for it? – android developer Apr 2 '14 at 6:39
I have altered answer plz check u may get clear this time :) – Happy Vicky Apr 5 '14 at 18:44
Arabic, Egypt (ar_EG)
Arabic, Israel (ar_IL)
Bulgarian, Bulgaria (bg_BG)
Catalan, Spain (ca_ES)
Czech, Czech Republic (cs_CZ)
Danish, Denmark(da_DK)
German, Austria (de_AT)
German, Switzerland (de_CH)
German, Germany (de_DE)
German, Liechtenstein (de_LI)
Greek, Greece (el_GR)
English, Australia (en_AU)
English, Canada (en_CA)
English, Britain (en_GB)
English, Ireland (en_IE)
English, India (en_IN)
English, New Zealand (en_NZ)
English, Singapore(en_SG)
English, US (en_US)
English, South Africa (en_ZA)
Spanish (es_ES)
Spanish, US (es_US)
Finnish, Finland (fi_FI)
French, Belgium (fr_BE)
French, Canada (fr_CA)
French, Switzerland (fr_CH)
French, France (fr_FR)
Hebrew, Israel (he_IL)
Hindi, India (hi_IN)
Croatian, Croatia (hr_HR)
Hungarian, Hungary (hu_HU)
Indonesian, Indonesia (id_ID)
Italian, Switzerland (it_CH)
Italian, Italy (it_IT)
Japanese (ja_JP)
Korean (ko_KR)
Lithuanian, Lithuania (lt_LT)
Latvian, Latvia (lv_LV)
Norwegian bokmål, Norway (nb_NO)
Dutch, Belgium (nl_BE)
Dutch, Netherlands (nl_NL)
Polish (pl_PL)
Portuguese, Brazil (pt_BR)
Portuguese, Portugal (pt_PT)
Romanian, Romania (ro_RO)
Russian (ru_RU)
Slovak, Slovakia (sk_SK)
Slovenian, Slovenia (sl_SI)
Serbian (sr_RS)
Swedish, Sweden (sv_SE)
Thai, Thailand (th_TH)
Tagalog, Philippines (tl_PH)
Turkish, Turkey (tr_TR)
Ukrainian, Ukraine (uk_UA)
Vietnamese, Vietnam (vi_VN)
Chinese, PRC (zh_CN)
Chinese, Taiwan (zh_TW)
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Where did you get it from? is it all of the languages? – android developer Mar 29 '14 at 18:49


public static final Locale  CANADA  Locale constant for en_CA.
public static final Locale  CANADA_FRENCH   Locale constant for fr_CA.
public static final Locale  CHINA   Locale constant for zh_CN.
public static final Locale  CHINESE Locale constant for zh.
public static final Locale  ENGLISH Locale constant for en.
public static final Locale  FRANCE  Locale constant for fr_FR.
public static final Locale  FRENCH  Locale constant for fr.
public static final Locale  GERMAN  Locale constant for de.
public static final Locale  GERMANY Locale constant for de_DE.
public static final Locale  ITALIAN Locale constant for it.
public static final Locale  ITALY   Locale constant for it_IT.
public static final Locale  JAPAN   Locale constant for ja_JP.
public static final Locale  JAPANESE    Locale constant for ja.
public static final Locale  KOREA   Locale constant for ko_KR.
public static final Locale  KOREAN  Locale constant for ko.
public static final Locale  PRC Locale constant for zh_CN.
public static final Locale  ROOT    Locale constant for the root locale.
public static final Locale  SIMPLIFIED_CHINESE  Locale constant for zh_CN.
public static final Locale  TAIWAN  Locale constant for zh_TW.
public static final Locale  TRADITIONAL_CHINESE Locale constant for zh_TW.
public static final Locale  UK  Locale constant for en_GB.
public static final Locale  US  Locale constant for en_US.
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