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Is there some open-source library or code snippet that performs stream-to-block operation with all the bells and whistles?

I am looking for some code where you specify the start/ end characters and the code does all the receiving from the stream, all the checking for correct pairing for start/ end characters and then returns one or more block built from that stream data.

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What about using each line as a block

// Sender
StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(stream);
sw.WriteLine("first block");
sw.WriteLine("second block");

// Reciever
StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(stream);
string block1 = sr.ReadLine();
string block2 = sr.ReadLine();
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That is too simple for two reason: (1) no support for start chars (2) fixed end char. –  Mario The Spoon Nov 2 '11 at 5:17

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