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How can I force URL first page without page number? Here is the exact code I use.

                new { controller = "Quote", action = "PictureQuotes", PictureQuotesPage = UrlParameter.Optional }

<%= Html.RouteLink("Picture Quotes", "MyPictureQuotes", null, new { title = "Picture Quotes", PictureQuotesPage = string.Empty })%>

It returns "/picture-quotes/5" instead of
"/picture-quotes" from the page

It seems the routing value page 5 is carried over.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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You are not using the correct overload of Html.RouteLink. Use the following:

<%= Html.RouteLink("Picture Quotes", "MyPictureQuotes", 
    new { PictureQuotesPage = string.Empty }, 
    new { title = "Picture Quotes" })%>
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