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I am solving a weird issue with ListFragments. I have a simple FragmentActivity with one FrameLayout witch is a container for my ListFragment. I use my custom adapter for the data. Everything is diplaying fine until I rotate the device to change the orientation. After that the listview is displyed twice - one list is overlaping the second. When I scroll the list, only one of the lists is moving and it creates artefacts as shown at the picture.

screenshot from emulator

I initilize the adapter in onCreateActivity and I dont do anything in onDestroy method. Is there anything I should do in onDestroy method to clear the list. Please did you ever met this issue ? I really dont know what to do with it.

Thank you!

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Code, please... –  Michell Bak Nov 2 '11 at 1:22

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Sorry that I didn't append a code, but I really didn't know which part could do this. But I finally figured out what is the cause.

In onCreate method of parent activity I've created a fragment by calling

if(mFragment == null)
    mFragment = onCreatePane();


I thought that the test for null is sufficient. but the fragment content stays in the FrameLayout either after onDestroy is called in Activity (by rotating the device). This is weird, isn't it ?

I tried to put this code to onStop()

if(mFragment != null)

but the result was the same. The only solution I found is to replace add() method by replace() method. But does anybody know why removing of fragment didn't help ? And why the content of fragment remains in FrameLayout after destruction of Activity ?

Thanks again.


Now I know what was the problem. I should test savedStateInstance == null instead of mFragment == null. If I do not, the main activity will restore old Fragment from saved state and it will create also new Fragment in my onCreate method.

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life saver, 10x:d –  Sterpu Mihai Jan 14 '13 at 12:14

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