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I want to attach photo using paperclip. I have installed paper clip gem, and generated paper clip :photo. (I am using rails 3.1)

My user model have

has_attached_file :photo

My form is

 =form_for(@user, :html=>{:multipart => true}) do |f|
      = f.date_select(:birthday,:start_year => 1940)
      = f.text_field :name, :value=>@user.name
      = f.text_field :surname ,:value =>@user.surname
      = f.text_field :nickname, :value=>@user.nickname
      About Myself:
      = f.text_area :about_myself, :value=>@user.about_myself
      =f.file_field :photo
      = f.submit "Update"

And my view has:

= image_tag @user.photo.url

But instead of image I have:

<img alt="Missing" src="/photos/original/missing.png">

What am I doing wrong? How to solve this problem?

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any error messages, what's $rails s saying when it fails – ZMorek Nov 1 '11 at 22:21
Check the file system to see if the file is being saved. And yes, check the console logs. – sosborn Nov 1 '11 at 22:24
@Mat excuse me.... – Pavel Nov 1 '11 at 22:26
@ZMorek how can I look error messages? server works fine. I am rather new to rails, so I dont know how to watch them(how to check console logs) – Pavel Nov 1 '11 at 22:27
I cant find image in my file system – Pavel Nov 1 '11 at 22:29
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You need to set special



has_attached_file :photo (in my case)

It worked for me

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