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I have a news posting script written in ASP from years ago that I intend on using for a new website (purely because I can't write PHP well enough to create a new script and the 25+ example scripts I've downloaded don't quite do what I need). My problem is that, as ASP is now so dated, the files don't render properly on the server.

So my idea was to upload these files to an ASP-compatible free host and reference them within the HTML on the real domain. With HTML or PHP includes this doesn't work but it does seem possible with the use of iFrames.

The problem with using iFrames though is that I can't get the height to change depending on the content of my remote .asp file. It only seems to work based on a pre-declared height, but of course the height is going to change as news posts are made.

My question is, does anyone know of a working solution for what I'm trying to achieve, or has anybody cracked dynamic height adjustments using iFrames and files on different domains?

Thanks in advance.

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See the accepted answer at: Resizing an iframe based on content

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