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I see this application on jsfiddl jsfiddle with raphael 1.5.2

When i'm trying to run it with raphael 2.0 i got some errors and some effects dont run!

How can i change the code to make it run with raphael 2.0?

Thank you

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The problem seems to be with scale on animate

The Raphael reference shows that to scale an object one could use something like this:

element.animate({transform: 's1.05'}, 200);

So by changing at the end of the fiddle, on the js part, in the for loop

this.animate({scale: '1.2'}, 200);


this.animate({transform: 's1.2'}, 200);


this.animate({scale: '1.05'}, 200);


this.animate({transform: 's1.05'}, 200);

the thing should work.

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Thanks for your answer but dont really completly solve this problem : "el is undefined" => el.mouseover(function() { –  trouble Nov 3 '11 at 3:09

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