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I've run into a problem when trying to rewrite a url that has a # in it. The rewrite itself is simple:

RewriteRule ^accessories/access/Roll-Up-PR30/accessories.php#a485$ /alog/roll-up-product.php

But it just falls over and will not let me have the hash in there.

Any feedback is welcome as I am running out of ideas :S

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Unfortunately most browsers (that I know of) don't send the fragment part of the URL to the server so it's not available in .htaccess; it's just a client-side anchor lookup.

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It seems that hashes are a special case. See http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/misc/rewriteguide.html

The relevant section is "Extended Redirection"

RewriteRule ^xredirect:(.+) /path/to/nph-xredirect.cgi/$1 \
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