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I saw some time ago a script that, given a program in C, produced an analogous program "translated" in Python. I'm wondering if is there something similar that, given a program in, for example, Python, produces the set of state of a Turing Machine that simulates exactly that program.

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Could be done, but would be of questionable usefulness and a pita. Think of how hard it would be to translate a moderate complexity regex to a DFA. Then add a stack and tape. –  bdares Nov 1 '11 at 23:55
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This kind of cross-compilers readily exist!

They are not particular useful tools, and often only implement a subset of languages like C or Basic which they translate to the esoteric but funny Brainfuck language. Although functional these compilers are generally "toy projects" from folks interested in language and/or compiler design and other fundamental computer science subjects.

See for example:

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