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i have two problems and ask for help :)

i have to create triggers on sys tables to log any changes eg. updates, deletes and inserts.

i would like to save logs in table which will have one column to store data from record (old or new - insert/delete) or to store differences between old and new version of a record (update).

My problem is how to store this information, especially how to "convert" simple record into string, and how to log updates. i thought i can use something like:

exec ('select ' + @col + ' from deleted')

in body of tigger but it does not work.

@col variable is a name of a column. i don't know a names of a columns and its count (i wish that my triggers should be universal for every table). to store column names i use cursor based on command:

  TABLE_NAME = (SELECT object_name(parent_obj) 
                FROM sysobjects WHERE id = @@procid)

please help :)

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Although you can get set up a very sophisticated auditing mechanism in SQL server - you might find this article useful - it shows simple scripts for basic auditing.

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i know that there are some audit tools but i have to do this only with t-sql. i think it could be very usefull. thank you –  user1024749 Nov 2 '11 at 1:21
The script on the link shows how to set up the table and add triggers to the tables you want to audit. –  kd7 Nov 2 '11 at 1:30

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