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I got a div tag which initially is set to have display:none and will later be convert into a dialog:

 @* To load the create dialog *@
  <div id="createdialog">

I load a partial view into the dialog like this:

 // Dialog for create food
        var controllerUrl = '/Food/CreateFood';
        var $createdialog = $('#createdialog').load(controllerUrl).dialog({
            autoOpen: false,
            title: 'Create Food',
            modal: true,
            // To set the dialog width to full width
            width: 'auto',
            // Call the clear function without '()'
            close: clear

And then i open it inside the jquery ui drop event once user drop something:


So it means that my dialog is actually created on demand, so I cant pre-load the dialog content. I need to display a loading image and hide it once everything is done loaded in the dialog. But I just cant get it work...Hope can get some help here....

Appreciate any feedback...Thanks...

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I somehow figure it out. I use the .load() callback instead. Just to show my way here:

 // Use the load callback to open dialog to ensure content is loaded
        $createdialog.load(controllerUrl, function () {


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