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I recently upgraded to Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP and am trying to upload a release build to my remoteserver. When I try to make a php call from the app, I get the error:

Send failednChannel.Security.Error error Error #2048 url: 'http://localhost/my_php/public/gateway.php'

The release build works fine on my localhost machine. All of my php service calls are on my remote host. Here's the structure of my remote host:

/my_directory/html (this is the root directory)
/my_directory/html/my_php/public/release  (this is where my .html wrapper and .swf files sit)
/my_directory/html/my_php/public (this is where my gateway.php and amf_config.ini files sit)

The error specifically references 'localhost', but I can't find where that gets set. When I google error #2048, the solutions point to a badly configured crossdomain file...all my services are on remotehost (where the app is hosted) so I don't think that could be the issue.

Here is my amf_config.ini file:

webroot = "/my_directory/html"

zend_path ="/my_directory/html/ZendFramework/library"
library ="/my_directory/html/my_php/library"
services ="/my_directory/html/my_php/services"

amf.production = false

Here is my gateway.php file:

ini_set("display_errors", 1);
$dir = dirname(__FILE__);
$webroot = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];
$configfile = "$dir/amf_config.ini";
$servicesdir = $dir.'/../services';
$librarydir = $dir.'/../library';
//default zend install directory
$zenddir = $webroot.'/ZendFramework/library';
//Load ini file and locate zend directory
if (file_exists($configfile)) {
$arr = parse_ini_file($configfile, true);
if (isset($arr['zend']['webroot'])) {
    $webroot = $arr['zend']['webroot'];
    $zenddir = $webroot.'/ZendFramework/library';
if (isset($arr['zend']['zend_path'])) {
    $zenddir = $arr['zend']['zend_path'];
if (isset($arr['zend']['library'])) {
    $librarydir = $arr['zend']['library'];
if (isset($arr['zend']['services'])) {
    $servicesdir = $arr['zend']['services'];
// Setup include path
// add zend directory, library and services to include path
// Initialize Zend Framework loader
require_once 'Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php';
// Load configuration
$default_config = new Zend_Config(array("production" => false), true);
$default_config->merge(new Zend_Config_Ini($configfile, 'zendamf'));
$amf = $default_config->amf;
// Store configuration in the registry
Zend_Registry::set("amf-config", $amf);
// Initialize AMF Server
$server = new Zend_Amf_Server();
if (isset($amf->directories)) {
$dirs = $amf->directories->toArray();
foreach ($dirs as $dir) {
    if ($dir == "./") {
    } else 
        if (realpath("{$webroot}/{$dir}")) {
        } else 
            if (realpath($dir)) {
// Initialize introspector for non-production
if (! $amf->production) {
$server->setClass('Zend_Amf_Adobe_Introspector', '', 
array("config" => $default_config, "server" => $server));
$server->setClass('Zend_Amf_Adobe_DbInspector', '', 
array("config" => $default_config, "server" => $server));
// Handle request
echo $server->handle();
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oddly, the error message references "localhost/my_php/public/gateway.php"; but there is no reference to "localhost" in my gateway or amf config file –  llamawithabowlcut Nov 3 '11 at 0:14
How are you calling this service in your Flex app? What are the endpoint, source, destination properties of your remoteObject? Also what happens if you open gateway.php in your browser? According to the error message, it seems, that the problem is, that Flex calls Localhost.. –  sydd Nov 4 '11 at 15:07
yeah, gateway.php returns no errors when I try to load it in browser directly. I can't seem to find where 'localhost' is being specified in the php or app –  llamawithabowlcut Nov 4 '11 at 23:29

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i had the same problem in a flex - blaze - environment. The real Problem was the context-root in the project properties. because you used flex 4.5, there is no input field for this setting. in flex builder 3, there was a setting in the project properties -> flex server -> context root.

i gone crazy and found after hours an article on adobes bugs-site [FB-22939].

That solve my problem. I have no idea, wich project settings you are using, try to search a string named {context.root} in your project or post a liite bit more about your project settings. i know blaze is different from php, but maybe it is a tip bringing you back on track.

Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce my thread and setting up an php environment with more knowledge about your setup. (Server-Technology, and so one)

edit: additional Info: I've found a list of all compiler arguments. Try it with this argument:

-context-root <context-path>
    full name -compiler.context-root
    path to replace {context.root} tokens for service channel endpoints

br Frank

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