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This is probably a really silly question. but I'm struggling with it :(

I am trying to add a Root.inApp.plist file to my project so that i can have inapp specific settings for my iPhone app.

I have integrated InAppSettingsKit fine, its currently only working with the one Root.plist file tho. I would like to add a Root.inApp.plist file to my project so that i can have inapp specific settings.

When i try to add another property file in Xcode it doesn't seem to sit under the Settings.bundle, how do i get it to show up in my Settings.bundle structure like this?:

I want other plists to show up under my Settings.bundle

I have tried to import the inappsettingskit bundle file also without luck :( my project doesn't recognise the Settings.bundle for some reason

Please help

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No way to do that in Xcode, I believe. Just reveal the Settings bundle in Finder and add the new file to it. It'll automatically show up in Xcode.

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thank you sir :) –  Marty Nov 2 '11 at 22:36
Yes, really thank you! –  MyCSharpCorner Mar 4 '12 at 6:12

Duplicate your existing plist file, then right click any property and select iPhone Settings plist under Property List Type.

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