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Is it possible to use T4MVC in an external js file?

I include a js file in my cshtml file

and in MyScript.js i have the following in a function


but it never get compiled to its Action name (thought that runat server would do that trick but it didn't)

what am i missing? I am also using chirpy if there is something that it can do to help...


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T4MvcJs will help you handle that case. It generates a .js file which you can use in your external js-scripts.

Using it is a lot like T4Mvc: MvcActions.User.Index() will give you "/user/index".

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This is more of a general MVC question than T4MVC. T4MVC simplifies how you call @Url.Action, but whether you use T4MVC or not, you won't be able to have server code in a plain .js file.

However, there are some solutions around, like Using Inline C# inside Javascript File in MVC Framework

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Thanks for the reply, I will wait for you/MS to come up with a solution in the future... also T4MVC is very nice and should be part of VS in the next release as well as the chirpy functionality to compile/compress .less/.css/.js files. –  KanTube Nov 2 '11 at 17:10

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