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Possible Duplicate:
Convert to absolute value in Objective-C

As i am playing with 2d graphics, i'd like to calculate amount of points object has moved between 2 CGPoints. Given that object can move in both direction, i am only interested in sheer number of points representing the difference.

In Java i'd Math.abs(startpoint.x - endpoint.x)

How can i do the same in Objective-C?

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There are C functions from <math.h> that will do what you want:

abs(int val);
labs(long val);
llabs(long long val);
fabs(double val);
fabsf(float val);
fabsl(long double val):

Given that CGPoint structures are composed of CGFloats, you should use fabsf here.

Check out the Wikipedia page

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Nice, got it while I was typing. – NJones Nov 2 '11 at 1:47
I know that it was written long time ago, but your advice is not correct, since CGFloat is double you should use fabs – dig Jun 20 '15 at 21:01
What about ABS? It seems to be a more convenient way. – skyline75489 Jan 27 at 1:56

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