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i have a basic ctypes implementation of net-snmp under python. i'm trying to piece together a snmp walk. the basic code is thus:

where lib = CDLL( find_library('netsnmp') ), str_to_oid uses lib.get_node and iod_to_str uses lib.snprint_objid.

class NetSNMPCTypes(object):


    def get_walk( self, varlist=[] ):
        out = {}

        response = netsnmp_pdu_p()
        ss = self.session

        for var in varlist:

            name = str_to_oid( var )
            if name is not None:
                name = mkoid(name)

            running = True
            while( running ):

                pdu = lib.snmp_pdu_create( SNMP_MSG_GETNEXT )
                lib.snmp_add_null_var( pdu, name, len(name) )

                status = lib.snmp_synch_response( ss, pdu, byref(response) )

                r = bool(response) and response.contents
                    if status == STAT_SUCCESS:
                        if r and r.errstat == SNMP_ERR_NOERROR:
                            vars = r.variables
                            while vars:
                                vars = vars.contents
                                o, v = decode_type(vars)
                                o = tuple(o)
                                vars = vars.next_variable

                                x = oid_to_str(o).split('.')
                                iid = x.pop()
                                key = '.'.join(x)
                                m, s = key.split('::')

                                if s == var:
                                    if not s in out:
                                        out[s] = {}
                                    out[s][iid] = v
                                    print( str(s) + "\t[" + str(iid) + "] \t= " + str(v) )

                                    running = False

                            raise SnmpPacketError(lib.snmp_errstring(r.errstat))
                    elif status == STAT_TIMEOUT:
                        raise SnmpTimeout('timeout')
                    else: # STAT_ERROR\
                        raise SnmpError(lib.snmp_errstring(r.errstat))
                    if response:
                        lib.snmp_free_pdu (response)
        return out

so i believe this code works as a simple test unit shows output of the requested varlist (just a string of the oid - eg sysDescr).

however, the problem appears for anything longer, ie trawling through ifIndex for example. the loop goes on forever and the response is always the same; ie it is not actually trawling through the tree. i am at a loss as to what may be wrong as the the code - afaict - is identical to the netsnmp C snmpwalk app.

DEBUG     IF-MIB    ifIndex [1]     = 1
DEBUG     IF-MIB    ifIndex [1]     = 1
DEBUG     IF-MIB    ifIndex [1]     = 1

does anyone has any idea what i'm doing wrong here?

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I may just be missing it, but I don't see where you update name before the next iteration. If you don't update name then you will continue to query the same OID until the end of time (or ctrl-c, which ever comes first). –  lostriebo Nov 4 '11 at 3:25
name is just a representation of var; which are both oids. its the bit after STAT_SUCCESS where i check the var against s (the current oid) which is where i break (and move to the next oid) –  yee379 Nov 5 '11 at 1:46

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