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I'm working on my personal rails project and I'm still learning a lot of things day by day. This time, I got a strange behaviour for that the HTML tag generated content has been placed in strange locations.

Take below for example:

below is the ERB from my web application home page.

<%= image_tag("logo.png", :alt => "Sample App", :class => "round") %>

and when the output has been generated by rails, I view the source page, and the output appears to be as below.

 <img alt="Sample App" class="round" src="/assets/logo.png" />

My question is "how can that the generated tag look for the reference to the image file in /assets/logo.png instead of the expected /images/logo.png?"

Any mistake I could have made in my configuration?

Any advice would be really appreciated!

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That looks like the new asset pipeline in action:


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