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is it possible to use a PHP variable for Jquery animate.

For example would the following work $('#boat').animate({'left','<?php=$percent ?>%');

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Instead of asking if it would work, why not just try it? –  nickb Nov 2 '11 at 5:31

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Anything you output in PHP will literally become a part of the text when viewed by the client.

alert('<?php echo "Hello from PHP!";?>');
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Except for your incorrect shorthand echo syntax, the answer is "yes".

FYI, either use

<?= $percent ?>


<?php echo $percent ?>

Note: The shorthand syntax prior to PHP 5.4 requires short_open_tag to be enabled

To be super safe, I'd use printf(), eg

<?php printf('%.2f', $percent) ?>
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Yes it will. Just make sure the file you are using it in is a php file (.php extension)

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alert('<?php echo $variable_name ;?>');
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