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I have many .mp3 files stored in res/raw folder.

I am getting URI of .mp3 file using following code.


This returns : android.resource:///com.my.android.sharesound/2130968609

Now I am using this URI in creating Share Intent

    startActivity(Intent.createChooser(shareIntent,"Share Sound");

When i select any Mail application eg. Gmail or YahooMail from the Share Intent, the mp3 file attached successfully. But it shows that 2130968609(as an attachment)

i dont want resourceId(2130968609) to appear.

I want to display fileName.mp3

How can i do that? Am i missing something ?


Is there any other way to attach .mp3 file stored in res/raw to mail via Share Intent.

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Finally after searching a lot i found the solution.

If you want to get any resource URI then there are two ways :

  1. Using Resource Name

    Syntax : android.resource://[package]/[res type]/[res name]

    Example : Uri.parse("android.resource://com.my.package/drawable/icon");

  2. Using Resource Id

    Syntax : android.resource://[package]/[resource_id]

    Example : Uri.parse("android.resource://com.my.package/" + R.drawable.icon);

This were the examples to get the URI of any image file stored in drawable folder.

Similarly you can get URIs of res/raw folder.

In my case i used 1st way ie. Using Resource Name

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thanks for the answer. IMO, I think the second way would be preferred as renaming the resource etc can be easily refactored. Hence, I chose that. – Dheeraj Bhaskar Jan 11 '13 at 15:22
to aid the refactoring, you can also replace package name with Context.getPackageName() – Richard Le Mesurier Jun 20 '14 at 16:12
Oh, just to continue the fun tidbits, you can use File.separator instead of hardcoding /. And, you could go crazy with File.pathSeparator instead of hardcoding :. Also, great answer! – Anonsage Nov 6 '14 at 23:14
This appears to have stopped working in android lollipop... – Kyle Jahnke Mar 28 '15 at 4:21
Thanks for great answer... I choosen 2 way. – Noundla Dec 29 '15 at 10:35

Try saving the file to your SDCard and maybe then send the new URI,

 public boolean saveAs(int resSoundId){
 byte[] buffer = null;
 InputStream fIn = getBaseContext().getResources().openRawResource(resSoundId);
 int size=0;

 try {
  size = fIn.available();
  buffer = new byte[size];
 } catch (IOException e) {
  // TODO Auto-generated catch block
  return false;

 String path = "/sdcard/yourapp/temp/";
 String filename = "filename"+".mp3";

 boolean exists = (new File(path)).exists();
 if (!exists){new File(path).mkdirs();}

 FileOutputStream save;
 try {
  save = new FileOutputStream(path+filename);
 } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
  // TODO Auto-generated catch block
  return false;
 } catch (IOException e) {
  // TODO Auto-generated catch block
  return false;

Remember to delete the file after the email is sent successfully.

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Thanks Reno. But dont you think it will take some amount of time to write the file to sdcard, get uri and then delete it. ?.. Delete will create problem for me. When should i delete the file ?. We cannot predict the Share Intent apps. result. – Kartik Nov 2 '11 at 6:48
True, this is only a workaround, in-case you don't get anything. Delete the temp directory when your app closes. – Reno Nov 2 '11 at 6:55
@Kartik Try this solution, it worked for someone. – Reno Nov 2 '11 at 7:04
ok. i think there is no other way to get URI of res. I am having other question but related to this only. When i select any Mail app, file gets attached. But when i select Whatsapp, it asks me to choose contact but doesnot show the file attached. – Kartik Nov 2 '11 at 7:06
But then i have to copy all my .mp3 files to assets folder again ?.. – Kartik Nov 2 '11 at 7:35

This work like magic: Assuming the mp3 is saved in the raw folder as


then simple doing this works:

Uri uri=Uri.parse("android.resource://"+getPackageName()+"/raw/notification_sound");
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