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Question 1 - How do I correctly pass parameters to a MySQL OdbcCommand?

I am new to MYSQL.

I want to write update query.I have written like this but it is not working.

private int UpdateUser(ClsUserRegistrationProp ObjUserProp, int IntUesrId)
    Int32 Isdone;
    using (OdbcConnection con = new OdbcConnection(ConnStr))
    using (OdbcCommand cmd = new OdbcCommand("UPDATE tblUsers SET FirstName = ?, LastName = ?,UserName = ?,Password = ?,EmailId = ? where UserId= ?", con))
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
        cmd.CommandTimeout = 0;

        cmd.Parameters.Add("@UserId", OdbcType.Int).Value = IntUesrId;
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@FirstName", OdbcType.VarChar, 255).Value = ObjUserProp.FirstName;
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@LastName", OdbcType.VarChar, 255).Value = ObjUserProp.LastName;
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@UserName", OdbcType.VarChar, 255).Value = ObjUserProp.UserName;
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@Password", OdbcType.VarChar, 255).Value = ObjUserProp.Password;
        cmd.Parameters.Add("@EmailId", OdbcType.VarChar, 255).Value = ObjUserProp.EmailId;


        return Isdone;


Question 2 - How do I only update the record if the username or email matches?

Also I want to check username and email already exist or not.If they are not exist then and only then record will update

How can I do this?Please help...!!!

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If you use ODBC you must name your variables @xyz, so

UPDATE tblUsers SET FirstName = @FirstName, ... WHERE xyz

and add parameters like this

cmd.Parameters.Add("@FirstName", ...)

Just for completeness if you use the MySQL connectors the SQL should read

UPDATE tblUsers SET FirstName = ?FirstName, ... WHERE xyz

and add parameters like this (without the '?'!)

cmd.Parameters.Add("FirstName", ...)

Username, Email Check

The basic approach would be to do a SELECT for the username and/or email and then only do the update if that returns no results, but there you can do it in one statement like this:

UPDATE tblUsers SET ... WHERE UserId= @userId AND Email = @Email AND UserName = @UserName

So the update will only work if email and username is the same as you pass into the parameters.

You can then use the int from ExecuteNonQuery to check if a record was changed (result > 0) or none was changed (result = 0). If none was changed, then email and username did not match. (Warning: If you pass in the wrong user id, this will also return result = 0!)

HTH Alex

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Do you need something like:

UPDATE tblUsers 
SET FirstName = @Firstname, LastName = @LastName,UserName = @UserName,Password = @Password,EmailId = @EmailId
    SELECT * FROM tblUsers WHERE UserName=@UserName AND EmailId=@EmailId 
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