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Well, as the question simply explains itself, let me clear it up little more.

I am running MongoDB primarily for read-only purposes at back-end. My crons do the writes and they don't really push it hard when they are triggered. Some updates, some new documents etc.

The thing is requests usually do not even hit the application level because of entire page caching handled within MemCached by Nginx. So the application doesn't query database for another hour per page.

But so far as I can see in my process list, there are 21 MongoDB worker processes that are using none of the CPU but reasonably large amount of memory because of the previous queries.

I checked the configuration settings and googled around but couldn't find any answer.. So, is there any way to limit those processes or at least to tell MongoDB reduce/empty its memory usage after a while?

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How many connections to do the database do you see when you have 21 workers? There's a rather large per-connection memory footprint so ensuring the maximum amount of connections is always 1 should help you. This is a driver-side setting. –  Remon van Vliet Nov 2 '11 at 14:09
I had to restart mongod (because of some weird log file access problem) so there are 14 workers at the moment and only 5 connections with no query running. It also says 704mb mapped data and 1.5gb virtual size. –  kirpit Nov 3 '11 at 14:54

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