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I use PrimeFaces 1.1 with JSF 1.2. I need to change the style of PrimeFaces <p:lightBox> overlay that has a black border to blue, but the style attribute of the component don't change the overlay, but only the link from which the lightbox is been called.

<p:lightBox width="50%" height="25%" 
    style="border: 5px; border-style: solid; border-color: blue;">
    <h:outputLink value="#" title="Leo Messi" >
        <h:outputText value="The Messiah"/>

    <f:facet name="inline">
        <h:panelGrid columns="2">
            <p:graphicImage value="/images/barca/messi.jpg" />
            <h:outputText style="color:#FFFFFF"
                value="Messi is an unusual player. He is highly creative, and has the skills to take on defenders with ease. He is a versatile left-footed player who can play either in the middle or on either wing, or even as a centre forward.
                Although he is quite short, he is so fast and physically strong that he can cope with larger opponents. He is incredibly powerful, and a specialist in such dead ball situations as corners, free kicks and penalties.
                Leo Messi is cool-headed and able to assume several responsibilities in times of need. He is a player who is destined to have a very successful career in football."></h:outputText>
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If I am not wrong that is the <a> tag generated. I don't know if you can add any attributes to lightbox's <div>.

I don't have your HTML code generated, but you can do this:

  1. Use Google Chrome to inspect lightbox (right click on lightbox and inspect element) to view <div>'s class.
  2. Add a new "onclick" attribute to <a> and using javascript restyle the elements...

But you should modify primefaces's css from the jar file... I don't find the javascript method elegant...

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Thks alex for your replay, this is link that you can find the html code generated: primefaces.org/showcase/ui/lightBoxExternal.jsf –  ANIS BOULILA Nov 2 '11 at 9:53
I make some modification on the css file that is embedded in the primefaces jar, but when i include the new jar in the project, the primefaces API does not work –  ANIS BOULILA Nov 2 '11 at 16:36
@ANIS BOULILA hei.. do not do like this... just create a new css and include in your page (where the link is located)... the css properties from primefaces should be overwritten by your css file –  Alex Nov 2 '11 at 21:19
Alex!! the styleclass and style attributes of <p:lightbox> don't make change on the lightbox but on the link from which the lightbox is been called –  ANIS BOULILA Nov 2 '11 at 21:32
Yes... But don't add the style to a tag... Create a new css file and include it in the page –  Alex Nov 3 '11 at 6:41

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