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I've been trying to implement Audio Unit Graph using Apple provided code: IphoneMixerEQGraphTest. So far I have encountered two problems:

1.) I can't find any way to pause playing

2.) Provided example repeats endlessly. Is There a way I can disable repeat or or stop it - using a timer, intercept some kind of buffer value, when playing is almost at the end?

Thank You.

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So far I have found a way to deal with audio stopping - although it's not pretty:

I load same audio file in AVAudioPlayer - and get from it sound file duration. Then, using


I can stop AUGraph when sound file should end playing.


It turns out that implementing pause is pretty simple. While AUGraph data source is not changed - by calling

[graphController startAUGraph]; or [graphController stopAUGraph];

will only pause/resume playing.

Although this affects performSelector timer. So, to use both - pause/no-repeating possibilities, one should use NSTimer - when AUGraph paused - then timer pauses too. When AUGraph resumed - timer resumes counting, and when it reaches provided sound file duration - it stops playing.

Bottom line

By using duration value from AVAudioPlayer (or any other player which provides duration) - it is possible to implement AUGraph sound player with play/pause/stop (no-repeat/repeat)/next song/previous song/ functions + EQUALIZER.

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AVAudioPlayer is a huge class, You can easily get duration from:

Float64 fileDuration = PrepareFileAU (fileAU, fileFormat, audioFile);

see ADC sample at:


avoiding including other frameworks.

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